The World’s 6 Most Dangerous Jobs

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Think you have one of the world’s most dangerous jobs?

Some people choose to put themselves at risk every single day of their lives, in order to make ends meet. While for the average employee, a day of work involves very little adventure or surprise, some people face hazards on a constant basis. We have compiled a list of some of the most dangerous jobs around. Military-related jobs, which are already notorious for their high levels of risk, were not taken into account in the making of this list as we focused on more “civilian” lines of work. Let’s take a look at the countdown, in a style similar to our list of the most stressful careers.

No. 6: Roofers

800px-FEMA_-_44634_-_Roofer_working_on_a_home_in_OklahomaPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Steady feet, confidence, and great physical strength are the three top requirements for any roofer. Navigating steep roofs several feet of the ground is not a task for the faint-hearted. One wrong step can lead to a fatal disaster, making roofing one of the most dangerous jobs out there.

No. 5: Lumberjacks

PortraitPublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Spotting a lumberjack who is out of shape is virtually impossible. This is because lumberjacking is one of the most strenuous activities out there. A logging worker has to carry heavy equipment and trek deep into isolated forests. Extreme weather conditions, remote places, and the possibility of a tree falling out where it isn’t supposed to, make lumberjacking a very difficult and dangerous job.

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