7 Locations Where They Film Flea Market Flip

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Have you been wondering where the interesting yard sales and locations where they film Flea Market Flip are? Do the amazing featured markets make you want to grab some deals yourself?  Flea Market Flip has most of us hooked with its unique concept and more so if you totally flip out on designing and creating things yourself.

So here’s how the reality TV show’s concept goes- a team of two compete to create something useful and creative according to an assigned theme from second-hand items found at flea markets, and try to sell them at a profit. Whoever is successful in making a greater profit wins. It is not only a test of bargaining power but also a test of creativity and imagination among the candidates, and brings forth a healthy, competitive side of reality TV. It is indeed a refreshing show, featuring some of the best and the snazziest flea markets in America, some of which should easily be on the list of 10 Biggest Flea Markets in the US.

These yard sales and antique item havens, have the most gorgeous pieces of furniture, that will not only make you want to go shopping at them right away, but also get your creative mind spinning and wanting to stretch your interior designing chops. We bet there has been a moment while watching the show where you must have screamed at your TV screen wanting to know where you can find yourself that gorgeous looking vintage chair or that old school clock that fits perfectly with your drawing room’s orientation! Therefore we did all the hard work and scoured through the entire episode guide of HGTV, to know where they filmed each episode throughout its seasons.

But if you still haven’t caught any episodes of Flea Market Flip, maybe it’s time you catch the HGTV show as soon as possible. In case you are already a fan of the show, here’s a rundown of 7 locations where they film Flea Market Flip throughout the seasons that you can start adding to your list of shopping destinations!

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