Human Trafficking Countries Ranking and List: Worldwide Country Statistics

Seeing how human trafficking has always been a relevant matter for discussion, we decided to provide our readers with an overview of human trafficking countries ranking and list and worldwide country statistics.

Human trafficking is recognized as a modern form of slavery nowadays. Without a doubt, it represents the gravest human rights violation. Those who are the victims of human trafficking are deprived of their fundamental rights, reducing them to mere objects. The very moment they are denied the possibility to act on their own, they become less human. Traffickers certainly see their victims as not human. Otherwise, they would not subject them to such degrading treatment. Given that, more often than not, victims are not in the position to seek help, it is our duty to continually point to the problem and urge policymakers to draft policies that would effectively tackle the problem, thereby giving the voice to those who are silenced. While it is not realistic to expect that we would manage in eradicating the issue completely, we can hope to minimise the damage.

Human Trafficking Countries Ranking and List: Worldwide Country Statistics


This is not the first time we touch upon the issue of human trafficking. Not that long ago, we published an article on countries with the highest rates of human trafficking in the world.  Bangladesh, Brazil, Haiti, Pakistan, and India were among top 5 worst human trafficking countries on the list. If you are curious about the leading top 10 human trafficking cities in the world, you should check out Top 15 Cities With Highest Human Trafficking in the World.

The mighty USA has also made human trafficking countries list. This is just to say that the issue is very much present everywhere. Out article 16 Statistics About Human Trafficking in the United States paints quite the picture of what the problem is like in the USA. It is questionable how effective the US legal system is in dealing with the issue since it has been estimated that for every 100.000 victims, there are only three cases. While there is a lot of space for policy improvement, this country does not embody the worst cases of human trafficking.

One of the countries where the issue is far more prominent is India. As we pointed out in our article 10 Human Trafficking Facts in India: History, Causes and Statistics there has been an increase in human trafficking rate in the past couple of years. Corruption presents a major impediment in trying to solve the problem. The possible explanations for such high human trafficking rate in India are growing gender imbalance and  India’s sex industry. Bangladesh has recently become home to many biggest human traffickers. Sexual predators often target Rohingya camps, looking for orphans and women to be trafficked. While very much present, Bangladesh’s human trafficking does not get the attention it deserves, since everyone is preoccupied with an ongoing conflict. It is not only Asian countries which have among the highest rates of human trafficking. Russia is one of the European countries which has made some improvement in trying to deal with the issue, yet much remains to be done. Russia’s human trafficking assumes forced labor and sexual exploitation of men, women and children alike.

There is no doubt that any type of human trafficking is degrading to human persona and constitutes an attack on basic human liberties. However, child trafficking is something I personally believe should be punished most severely. Children are more susceptible to becoming trafficked as their naivety and obliviousness make them an easy target for predators. According to the information provided by Phantom Rescue, more than 30,000 children die every year in sex-trafficking. Furthermore, more than 300,000 underage girls are sold for sex in America. The data on child trafficking show that China and Uzbekistan are among countries with highest child trafficking.

What follows is the list of 12 human trafficking countries. In order to create the human trafficking countries ranking and list, I used the data provided by the UN Office on Drugs in their reports on trafficking in persons and the data contained in the reports published by the US Department of State. These reports contain human trafficking by country statistics, allowing me to rank top 12 countries. Furthermore, these are the most relevant sources of data when it comes to human trafficking. The countries are ranked based on which group they were categorized as in the reports published by the US Department of State in the past six years. Those on Tier 2 Watchlist have the highest rates of human trafficking, while those categorized as Tier 3 are countries whose governments do not make any efforts at eradicating human trafficking. I did not consider countries in Tier 1 and Tier 2 groups as these have lower rates of human trafficking and their governments are putting significant efforts into dealing with the issue. And now, let’s see the human trafficking countries ranking and list.