10 Most Expensive Bottled Water Brands in the World

Water is all around us and most of the time, water is free, but you’ll be shocked by how much certain waters can cost, with this list of the most expensive bottled water brands in the world.

An essential element on earth and in human life is water. The surface of the earth is covered with water, about 71% of it to be exact. Like it does on the surface of our land, water takes up a huge part of the human body, and humans must consume enough water each day to be able to survive. Drinking water benefits our health as a whole, doing things like keeping the skin cells hydrated for a perfect glow and keeping wrinkles off. Water also helps suppress your appetite if consumed before meals, so it can be a great aid for weight loss. We use water in our daily activities, especially for hygiene purposes like taking a bath, cleaning, washing the dishes, and much more. While water has advantages, there are also disadvantages of drinking water. Too much intake of water might lower the salt levels of the body. Taking in too much water could also lead to swelling of the brain. On a lighter note, it can also interfere with your sleep schedule if you have to get up and use the toilet multiple times a night because you drank too much water.

10 Most Expensive Bottled Water Brands in the World


Why is water a valuable natural resource? Being an essential element on earth, water is the lifeline that keeps the life that we see around us. While it may be all around us, there are some parts of the world where water is extremely scarce – especially when it comes to access to clean water. With global warming, drought is also a big problem in some areas of the world, and the issue has been made worse in places where access to water was already scarce. Some days it seems there’s not enough water, while other days it seems like there’s too much. Drought is not only the calamity brought by global warming. There are those when water is destructive like the recent disasters in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean as the result of major hurricanes. Water can be our friend and our aid for survival, but there are times when nature strikes back and it can endanger our lives. There are various types of water on earth that serve as the sources of our drinking water. These are oceans, glaciers and other ice, groundwater, freshwater lakes, inland seas, soil moisture, the atmosphere, and rivers.

With the help of technology and innovation, bottled water has come into the picture and changed our lives forever. Now, we can conveniently carry around clean drinking water. Typically, bottled water is stored in a plastic or glass bottle, and some brands are even using pouches. Bottled water has become so popular, that various large companies are manufacturing bottled water around the globe. Just like there are fine wines, there is also fine water. The sources may be from a spring, glacier, volcanic rocks or deep sea water. Depending on the source and the level of purification, some bottles of water could cost you a pretty penny.

How much are you willing to spend for a bottle of water? We were able to search the items to include on our list using Fine Waters and the help of a Google Search. Some of these brands won awards from Guinness World Records and a tasting competition. These expensive water brands are not just about the water, but they are about the bottle as well. Some are designed by gold and Swarovski crystals which is a lot of extra work for a bottle of water, if you ask us. Some of the most popular fine waters are Veen Water and Fillico Water just to name a couple. These expensive and ultra-fancy bottles of water can be found all over the world too. Some brands of the most expensive drinking water in India are also here on our list, but the Top 10 Mineral and Bottled Water Brands in India has a different result, which makes sense because not everyone is spending excess amounts of money on water. For our ranking, we used the prices of each respective bottled water brand, so the more expensive it is, the higher it has been placed on our list.

If your curiosity is getting the best of you, let us all find out the most expensive bottled water brands in the world.