8 Best Call Quality Smartphones in 2020

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If you are looking for a great smartphone, check out our list of 8 best call quality smartphones in 2018. It’s sure to come in handy, especially if you need a phone that can do lots of good quality calling.

Because whether you’re using it for conference calls or late night chats with your girlfriends, it’s important to have a phone that manages talk time well. After all, that’s the whole point of a phone in the first place. Sure, smartphones have adapted to do a million other things, like snap amazing photos and browse social media, but their basic function has always been communication, specifically through a good old-fashioned phone call. But you won’t be spinning that wheel to dial a number or holding a receiver to your ear next to a wall; these are the latest and greatest phones with the newest technology.

But what good is a phone if it has bad to mediocre call quality? Of course, this also depends on your carrier and the kind of service it provides. You can have the best mobile phone in the world and still get terrible reception simply because of your carrier. But having a better smartphone certainly helps.

Best Call Quality Smartphones in 2018


To come up with our list of 8 best call quality smartphones in 2020, we consulted many recent lists from reputable tech sites, such as Pocket Lint‘s Best Smartphone 2020, Tom’s Guide‘s Best Phones of 2020, T3‘s Best Smartphone 2020, Trusted Review‘s Best Smartphone, and PCMag‘s Best Phones of 2020.

Each time a certain phone was mentioned on one of the lists above, we gave it one point and formed our points system from there. Additionally, since we’re specifically focusing on the best call quality phones in this list, not just the best smartphones overall, we gave each phone that was said to have good call quality an extra point. But remember that the “best” phone could greatly differ from person to person. We all know about the great Apple versus Android debate, so if you’ve been an Apple user for a long time and you decide on one of the Androids below, you might not consider it the best. We don’t want to start any arguments; we just want to show you the general consensus of the tech sites above about the best call quality smartphones this year so far.

And if you’re interested in reading more lists about smartphones, check out our others on the Top 11 Smartphones with the Best Audio Quality in 2017, and 10 Cheap Smartphones with the Best Call Quality and Signal Reception in 2017.

So without delaying any longer, here are the 8 best call quality smartphones in 2020 that will give you a great call quality for 2020. We start our list with last two phones which share the 7th place. Hope you enjoy!

8. iPhone 8

3 points

This phone has wireless charging, and the battery will last for up to 14 hours of talk time without charging. Now, that’s a long conference call. Plus, iPhones are just too sleek and pretty to resist.

Best Call Quality Smartphones in 2018


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