7 Most Racist Countries in Africa

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If you are scouting to see what are the most racist countries in Africa, you are in the right place. Racism in Africa has been an issue that existed for several centuries, and it is growing from day to day. It is thought that when African countries were colonized by Europeans, who openly discriminated based on race, racism was instilled in African culture and it remained there ever since.

However, in Africa, racism isn’t primarily based on color, but rather on tribes and it has been the reason for several wars and skirmishes on the continent. Recently, this article reported that Africans are still being discriminated in other countries such as India based on the color of their skin and they are still being humiliated.

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The Apartheid era in South Africa is quite famous, or more accurately, infamous of being the most recent systematic attempt to spread racism which lasted for decades before buckling under international pressure. And while South Africa has improved a lot in this regard, it is obvious that you can’t completely move on from such a major policy in just a few decades and hence, remnants of the racism elicited by the Apartheid regime remains, as seen in this article where a South African citizen describes in details the level of racism in South Africa today.

Many believe that since racism has been denounced on a global scale, it does not exist anymore and anyone who believes that it does is either being biased or misled by ‘fake news.’ The truth is, racism persists on a global level and is one of the biggest problems the world is facing now. There can be no unity when racism still abounds, and equality will only remain a dream for those subjected to discrimination based on their race.

Unsurprisingly, Africa isn’t overwhelmingly racist. In fact, there are very few countries which tend to be racist compared to Latin America. If you want to read and learn more about racism in other areas, make sure you check our list of most racist countries in Latin America as well. Since polls and surveys are not conducted on such topics, it is often difficult to determine how racist a country actually is. Hence, we decided to check the World Values Survey Report which asks dozens of countries around the world a variety of questions. One of the questions is ‘Could you please mention any that you would not like to have as neighbors?’ One of the options provided is ‘people of a different race.’ We ranked the countries according to the percentage of individuals who picked this option and filtered out any non-African countries to find out which are the most racist countries in Africa.

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