7 Most Expensive Preschools in Manhattan

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The most expensive preschools in Manhattan are the dream for every young parent in New York. The phrase ‘train them young’ fits perfectly here and in this case it would indicate towards quality education and how early children should be familiarized with the drill. And, when talking about quality education, these are the preschools that absolutely mean business!

The endless application processes, nerve-racking interviews and rummaging through brochures is a daunting idea, but even then most parents are unfazed when faced with the ordeal in the quest of finding the perfect preschools for their children. And, why is preschool so important? Because not only is it an early induction into a top-notch schooling environment but also because a lot of these schools have middle and high school continuation as well.


As ritzy as Manhattan already is, the schools here also charge nothing less than a small fortune. The most expensive preschools in Manhattan can end up charging up to $40,000 a year. Of course, they do offer excellent facilities to suit the price tag! From music lessons to complex mathematic training, you might find your toddlers way ahead of their counterparts visiting regular preschools. And, they would definitely have an edge when the ultimate struggle of the great big college admissions comes around the corner. Whether you’d like to spend that kind of money even before kindergarten education for your child begins is solely up to you though. For the parents who would rather save up for a good college degree, an exclusive preschool may amount to unnecessary splurging.

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So, let’s take a look at the most expensive preschools in Manhattan now!

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