5 Best Boarding Schools in New York

Our post 5 Best Boarding Schools in New York is not going to list down simply the five best boarding schools, but we will also try to cover the positive side of studying in these institutions. This post is particularly going to help those of you who are not sure whether to send your kid to a boarding school or not. It is true that there are many myths surrounding the boarding school system, but most of them are nothing more than lies. Yes, there are some disadvantages but that is natural as it is hard to find a perfect school these days. With boarding school – the benefits clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Deciding boarding school for your kids is not an easy option. Your kids will be on their own, they will have to adjust to the new environment. They will have to deal with the emotional burden of being separated from family and friends for the first time – all this might sound a little tough for parents and kids, but almost every problem your kids come across at boarding schools is likely to influence their character positively.



Let’s take a brief look at why boarding schools are better than ordinary schools. First of all the quality of teachers in boarding schools is usually high. The most experienced and qualified teachers are there to assist your kids academically. Secondly, courses offered at top boarding schools are usually diverse in nature, letting the kids pay more attention to areas in which they think they are good at. Other than that, counseling services offered in these top boarding schools usually set high standards. Kids face no shortage of advice and help when it comes to selecting the top-notch institutions for their further studies. When we talk about other facilities such as sports, theater, labs, and libraries boarding schools usually have the best of them available as compared to the local schools. Individual attention to every student is another aspect of the boarding school that sets them apart from every other option. Usually the class size in boarding schools is smaller, which helps teachers to pay attention to each student, identify their problem areas and help them with solutions. In most of these top boarding institutions mentioned below, the classroom is designed in a way that promotes student participation and eye-contact, which helps students to take active part in classroom activities and also boost their confidence level.

We have previously explored the 7 best boarding schools in America and this time around we are focusing mainly on New York. Below is the list of top 5 boarding schools in NYC, which are the best: