7 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands in 2019

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As smoking is becoming more of a taboo rather than a simple habit that it used to be, tobacco market is shrinking and companies are forced to improve their strategies in order to survive. Therefore, in today’s article we will research some of the most expensive cigarette brands in 2019.

Smoking restriction laws are bringing cigarette production down. An interesting fact shows that there were around 180,000 tobacco growing farms in the US during the 80s, while in 2012 there were only around 10,000 of them. Having in mind that the US is the fourth largest tobacco producing country (behind Brazil, China and India), the issue is becoming very serious, at least from the producers’ point of view.

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Even annual data show a continuous decline in cigarette sales, for example, a decline of 3.5% between 2016 and 2017. The data from 2019 shows that the trend is constant, or even stronger. However, in order to stay on the track, some companies raised the price of their products, for example Altria’s (NYSE:MO) Marlboro. Regarding sales, that was probably not a wrong move, since Marlboro is still one of the most popular cigarettes in the world.

Restriction is not the only cause of cigarette sales decline. During the last several decades, hundreds of medical research have been conducted, which brought out the issues of cancer and tobacco-related health hazards. There are thousands of chemicals in a cigarette, of which at least 70 can cause cancer. Therefore, companies started lowering some of the most dangerous among them, such as tar and nicotine. We have done some research on these, and you can check out which the 8 Lowest Tar and Nicotine Cigarette Brands in 2019 are (watch the video below).

Surely the data on the most expensive cigarette brands was not so easy to collect, since smoking ban and restrictions have led to decrease of smoker population, and therefore cigarette sales as we have seen. Even though the prices vary depending on the country, distributor or vendor, some cigarette brands are still at the top of the most exclusive ones. Therefore, we have checked some online vendors that sell cigarettes, and compared their cigarette brands and prices. These were Dutyfree, Kiwicigs, Ciggiesworld, and CigsSpot, good spots where you can check out the cigarette brands sold in the USA. On the other hand, besides the most popular cigarette brands, we have also searched for some classy brands in particular, such as Treasurer cigarettes for instance, and included them in our list as well.

As we talk today about the most expensive ones, you might be interested to see which were the 11 Cheapest Cigarette Brands in 2019. However, the prices do vary between vendors and sellers, but we have tried to make an average figure from the sources we used. Now we are set to go, and turn the page in order to see which the 7 most expensive cigarette brands in 2019 are:

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