10 Best Selling Cigarettes in the World in 2020

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Since consuming cigarettes is a worldwide trend, and smokers can be found among men and women, rich and poor, young as well as old, we present you our list of 10 best selling cigarettes in the world in 2020.

Although smoking isn’t popular like before, and many doctors and scientists are suggesting that smoking can be very harmful to health, smokers still enjoy cigarettes, especially after a long day. Some of the companies, like Philip Morris have announced that they “want to stop selling cigarettes”. Yes, it is hard to believe this, but after all, they don’t deny noxiousness of smoking. Tobacco manufactures also provide cigarettes without nicotine and tar, in order to help people who want to quit smoking, and in that way, they are still in business. To learn more about this, check our list of top 10 smokeless cigarettes brands in America.

Best Selling Cigarettes in the World in 2018


On the other side, non-smokers can’t deny how cool can someone look while smoking a cigarette. Just remember Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca” or Clint Eastwood in “Good, Bad and Ugly” and how they made some of the most iconic movie scenes while smoking cigarettes. Many musicians like Jimmy Page, Janis Joplin, Kit Richards, etc., enjoyed smoking during their live shows, and there are definitely more examples among writers, diplomats, and even athletes.

By the way, you can watch the video below to find out 7 cigarette brands that contain the lowest tar and nicotine.

But to get back to our topic, there are various types of cigarettes. Firstly, they can be of different sizes. So, we have the so-called women’s cigarettes which are narrower and longer than regular, and those brands often have words like “slims” or “thins” in their names. Secondly, they can also be with different flavors, like best-known menthol cigarette, which is very popular among African Americans, according to CDC. Moreover, an important criterion for almost all smokers is if cigarettes are with or without a filter. In the end, all brands have their own insignia, and that’s how customers recognize their favorite cigarette packs.

There are many tobacco manufacturers around the globe, and you can find out which companies are the “big players” by reading our list of top 10 biggest tobacco companies in the world in 2017. The popularity of different cigarette brand can vary from country to country. So, the best selling cigarette brands in India don’t necessarily have to be the best selling cigarettes in the UK, for example. As for Amerca, do give a glance at the 11 Best Selling Cigarette Brands in US.

While researching about the best selling cigarette brands in 2020, we discovered where in the world cigarettes are sold the most, and we also searched for revenue in the cigarettes segment on each continent because we wanted to rank the countries accordingly. Our results showed that the tobacco companies are most profitable in Asia. China holds the first spot with $210,790 million of revenue in the cigarettes segment in 2020. On the other hand, when it comes to the consumption, take a look at our list of top 15 countries with highest cigarette consumption in the world. In order to compile our today’s list, we searched for brands that control the market in above-mentioned countries. In the end, we ranked cigarette brands using reports on world’s most valuable tobacco brands for the year 2018 and 2019, and by making a connection between sales success and brand value – we assumed that those brands with higher brand values are selling better. Also, you should note that we used the latest data we managed to find. So, with the list below we tried to predict what the best selling cigarettes in the world in 2020 will be. In case you want to learn more about top-selling cigarettes in 2015, do check out 11 Top Selling Cigarettes in the World. Keep reading and find out where is your favorite tobacco product on our list of 15 best selling cigarettes in the world in 2020.

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