7 Easiest Mixed Drinks to Make with Vodka

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If you and your friends are planning on getting hammered quickly and easily, here are 7 easiest mixed drinks to make with vodka!

You gotta admit vodka is God’s gift to people. So pure, so tasteless. OK, it has a taste of some kind, but it’s one of the best drinks for cocktails due to its neutral taste. What goes good with vodka to drink? The answer is: pretty much everything! Some classic vodka cocktails include: Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, White Russian, Black Russian, Cosmopolitan… Have you tried any? The chances are you’ve tasted all of the above. Especially during summer.

Easiest Mixed Drinks to Make with Vodka

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Nothing beats one of the best vodka cocktails for summer – the glorious Mojito. Refreshing, with a zest of lime and mint. It’s actually one of really simple vodka drinks. All you need for a Mojito recipe are some vodka (preferably of good quality), lime quarters, sugar syrup, ice and Schweppes Soda Water. There are variations to it, but this would be one of the easiest vodka mixers. However, that’s not good enough for our list! Where on Earth are you going to find fresh mint? Not every supermarket has it, and a Mojito isn’t a Mojito unless you’re nibbling those little leaves, is it? Also, one of the most demanded cocktails is Vodka Sunrise. Does that ring a bell? It’s similar to Tequila Sunrise, except that you use vodka. The recipe goes like this: 1 ounce of vodka, 5 ounces of orange juice and one shot of grenadine syrup. It’s said to be one of low-calorie vodka drinks, too, depending on the amount of vodka and syrup. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, where’s that grenadine syrup of yours? Ah, it’s not really on your shopping list, and never has been?

As you could notice, the list we’re giving has such idiot-proof recipes it’s incredible! We followed some rules: the minimum number of ingredients and the ingredients are either already in your fridge, or they’re definitely in the nearest supermarket! Amazingly, by the time you finish what is good to mix with Smirnoff vodka, you can boast about your cocktail knowledge because making these is a piece of cake! We said Smirnoff, but you can use any other quality label.

Our information was collected from the official Smirnoff website, Save the Student, The Spruce, InShaker, Yummly and Bar None Drinks. The items had to be listed in random order because all the ingredients are easily found, and you need two or three ingredients for them. In case you’re equipped with a blender, try making our 10 best mixed drinks you can make without a blender and you can call yourself a true cocktail master!

So, are you ready to get ridiculously wasted? I mean, to expand your knowledge on an enjoyable mix of vodka, and other liquids in our 7 easiest mixed drinks to make with vodka.

7. Lemon Drop

1.5 oz vodka

1.5 oz lemon juice

1 tablespoon sugar and lemonade

Just mix everything up, except for the lemonade part. Once you pour the mixture into a glass, top it up with the lemonade. A serving suggestion: dip the rims of martini glasses in sugar. It will look more fancy.

Easiest Mixed Drinks to Make with Vodka


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