10 Best Mixed Drinks You Can Make Without A Blender

If you’re thirsting for some new drink recipes then try one of the 10 best mixed drinks you can make without a blender. 

For me, mixed drinks without a blender are something super summery of which I want absolutely no part.  The drink version of a cruise. I often imagine them to be incredibly disgusting and sweet. I hate that they are usually pre-mixed.

A mixed drink is a beverage which contains more than two mixed ingredients. A mixed drink can contain liquor while others can be non-alcoholic as well. For a mixed drink, you can prepare juices, cocktails or smoothies among other endless recipes. For me a “mixed drink” is far different from a delicious cocktail, properly proportioned and a good time in a glass. “Mixed drinks” is a weird term, some kind of a holdover from saddest days of sour mix and 2-liter bottles of Tom Collins. We’re onto you, mixed drinks. You need to get your life together.

10 Best Mixed Drinks You Can Make Without A Blender


However, even the tactless mixed drinks have positive attributes like contain some vitamins or being undeniably refreshing on hot summer days. But, if your blender broke down, in a freak blender accident, or you don’t own one because you didn’t get married in an ’80s comedy–then there are still a lot of non-alcoholic mixed drinks and alcoholic mixes you can make without it. Also, if you don’t like the taste of alcohol check out our 10 Best Alcoholic Drinks That Don’t Taste Like Alcohol.

Mixed drinks, and booze in general, can be very expensive in restaurants, bars and pubs because they make their profit on these drinks. This is why it’s important to start carrying a flask in case of emergencies or $14 cocktails. You never know when you need to be prepared.

Lots of people like to do blender cocktails for parties, or for underaged drinking in hotel room overnights on school trips. We don’t recommend you drink illegally, this is just something we have noticed through such times as being underage and seeing people drink frozen drinks in hotel rooms on overnight school trips.  However, if you are 21 and you want to enjoy a good cocktail but you don’t want to pay restaurant prices, you can choose one of these 10 best mixed drinks you can make without a blender and DIY your booze.

If you were wondering if it is possible to make a drink without a blender, the answer is yes. Also, who are you and why don’t you know anything? There are many different fruits from which juice can be retrieved without a blender. You can just squeeze them. For a non-alcoholic mix, you can squeeze a lot of different fruits and you can mix them all together. Squeezing in a great hand workout as well–you never know when you’re going to need strong hands–perhaps if someone tries to steal your flask!

In order to create the list we searched for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixes and we sorted them by their taste, even if the taste varies from person to person, and also we sorted the list by the time and necessary things a specific drink requires to be made. Green Thickies and All Recipes provided us with a few recipes for a delicious and refreshing drinks. Now, let’s see our list of  best mixed drinks you can make without a blender.