7 Easiest IKEA Furnitures to Assemble

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If you’re sick and tired of those confusing IKEA furniture assembly tips, try something from our list of the least complicated furniture, i.e., 7 easiest IKEA furnitures to assemble.

Everyone has heard of IKEA. The Swedish furniture company is one of the best known of its kind in the world, probably due to their inexpensive products. Most of the merchandise is meant for an average consumer. A wide variety of choice, interesting pieces, moderate prices – these are only some of the reasons why people keep coming back to IKEA stores. Some IKEA facts: one-tenth of all British furniture comes from IKEA. It’s estimated that one in five children in the UK was conceived on an IKEA mattress. As for the 2017 facts, they’re pretty impressive, too. 2.3 billion people visited their website last year, and 936 million people paid a visit to one of their stores looking for the perfect item to fit their home. Their 400th store was opened in Serbia, and the final number so far is 403 stores worldwide. Perchance you’re one of the consumers, too.

 Easiest IKEA Furnitures to Assemble

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If that be the case, you must’ve wondered: why is IKEA furniture so hard to assemble? If you’ve chosen a piece with a lot of parts, the answer becomes obvious the moment you get home. According to Perfect Assembly and Flat Pack Mates, the notorious PAX wardrobe is the hardest IKEA furniture to assemble. If you wish to save your sanity and call assembling IKEA furniture service, that will cause stress to your wallet – the starting cost of IKEA assembling service is $89, depending on the cost of the merchandise. The more you pay for the furniture, the higher the assembly cost. Actually, supposedly “easy” assembling of IKEA furniture is so well known that you can find loads of building IKEA furniture memes all over the web. Just type the phrase in the search engine, and you’re bound to have a laugh. Due to this long and tiresome assembly process, a lot of advisers such as The Spruce recommend using White Gorilla Glue for IKEA furniture (to prevent it from wobbling). For the very same reason, people often wonder if IKEA  sells wood glue, but the answer is no. Anyway, with the furniture we have in mind in this article, you definitely won’t be needing it.

That’s because in this article we’re talking about IKEA snap together furniture. At the beginning of 2017, IKEA boasted about a new technique that is going to make pieces of furniture fit just like jigsaw puzzles. Dezeen reported that the Swedish manufacturer developed a new type of joint called a wedge dowel. Basically, that’s just inserting one part into the other, without any screws, bolts or Allen keys needed. The bad news is not all the furniture can be installed in this way, but it’s a start. Furniture Today and IKEA Newsroom told us about the series and pieces which can be assembled with the now renowned wedge dowel. Our sources kept mentioning a Tromvik cabinet and chest of drawers as the perfect examples of the new time-saving system, but it appears they aren’t manufactured in Belgium or Poland anymore. In addition to that, the famous Valje cubes have been discontinued, too. Probably to be replaced by Eket. As for the rest, you’ll find them in one of IKEA stores.

Even the rich shop at IKEA, though they usually opt for products made of one of most expensive wood for furniture in the world.

The items are listed according to their complexity, or should we say straightforwardness. On some occasions we were reading about the series of products, so we chose the less complicated one(s). Next time you’re in one of the stores, look for one of 7 easiest IKEA furnitures to assemble.

7. REGISSOR glass-door cabinet 

This one looks neat for stacking books, or whatever you feel like exposing.

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