15 Most Expensive Wood for Furniture in the World

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If you like a RICH mahogany then you’re gonna love 15 most expensive wood for furniture in the world.

When I was 10, I had this balsam wood turtle. It was one of my most prized possessions. I kept it on my shelf with my other important objects: blown glass marbles, an old squirt bottle of Holy Water, some track and field medals among other things. I couldn’t believe this thing could be made of wood and yet so lightweight. I boggled my 10-year-old mind. I guess that’s the first time I really considered that there could be different types of wood. Sure, it took me 10 years, but I made up for it by spending a few months getting really into whittling. And by “getting really into,” I mean talking to one hobbyist–a science teacher named Mr. Carton–and checking out two books from the middle school library.

Wood is one of the world’s most versatile natural resources. It is used in making the most important things at home and in the office–mainly furniture. Furniture which holds our bodies and our meals and our books and our balsam wood turtles and inexplicable squirt bottles of Holy Water. There are many types of wood used in making furniture. There are affordable ones, which is what we usually see on the market, like oak and maple. Then, there are wood types that belong to the 15 most expensive wood for furniture in the world.

15 Most Expensive Wood for Furniture in The World


This is the reason why there are some pieces of furniture can cost more than the others, even when they look just the same–materials matter. Furniture pieces of the same style can be priced differently, most especially when they are made of different types of wood. Wood prices vary on strength and exoticness. The more unique a wood is, whether it is by color or streaks, the more expensive it is. In the same way, the stronger a wood is, the higher the possibility that it is also priced higher. Rare woods can cost so much, even for just a single board, which is understandable since they cannot just be bought everywhere.

In searching for the 15 most expensive wood for furniture in the world, we have noticed that expensive wood types tend to smell more fragrant, and are less likely to be infested by mites and other wood-eating insects even after a long time. Take that, termites. They cost more than all the other types, but seem to be well worth every penny in the long run. They are naturally more durable and more flexible, which makes them more appropriate to be used in making furniture.

Another reason for differences in wood prices is the location of their origin. Most wood prices are written from the American perspective. When a specific wood type has to be sourced somewhere far, the price for that one is naturally more expensive than the ones being imported from nearer countries. And if you’re interested in expensive seating options that aren’t just wooden, check out the 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands in the World.

In ranking the most expensive wood for furniture, we used data from ABC News Point and Success Story. Rankings from both websites were then averaged, which brought us to these results.

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