7 Easiest German Universities to Get into

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If you still haven’t decided where to study, you should definitely check our list of 7 easiest German universities to get into.

Choosing a university may be one of the hardest decisions to make once you finish high school. On the top of that, if you want to study abroad, this decision becomes even harder to make and you need to be aware of many things before you finally decide. However, studying abroad may also be the most remarkable period in your life, since you will not simply get a degree, but you will also learn how to be completely independent; you will get to meet many people, learn their language and become familiar with their culture. Regarding the language, you may find our list of 7 Easiest Germanic Languages to Learn for English Speakers very useful since German is among them.

Germany is one of the countries where international students may feel like home, being a really important aspect when choosing a country to study in. According to ICEF, the number of international students in Germany is 321,569 and it increases every year by 7%. One of the main reasons for this huge number and the notion it becomes bigger year by year is the fact that the public universities in Germany treat international students almost the same way as their residents since there are no tuition fees. Generally speaking, students who come from abroad pay around $200 per a semester, which is almost nothing. On the other side, there is a great program for scholarships, and you may always apply if you fulfill the requirements. It is really important to remember that, even though you may study in English, it is necessary to learn even a little bit of German, since it will increase your possibilities of enrolling the desired program and getting the scholarship. When it comes to accommodation, you may choose to live in a private flat or a dormitory and you will need around $900 monthly to cover your personal needs.

I included only the public universities in this list of easiest German universities to get into since private universities tend to be rather expensive. Generally speaking, Germany has an incredible educational system, so studying at one of its public universities definitely means getting the relevant knowledge and great recommendation for your future achievements. It was, on the other side, quite hard to make the ranking, since all of the universities have more or less the same admission requirements. It is why I decided to make the list according to university rankings and to provide additional information regarding the requirements, which are usually the same for international students. Additionally, I provided the percentage of international students within each of the universities, since it is also a very important factor.

So, brace yourselves and read the list of the easiest German universities to get into!

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