7 Easiest, Fastest Muscle to Build

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It absolutely doesn’t matter whether you wish to build muscle fast with supplements, or you wonder how to build muscle naturally because either way it is these 7 easiest, fastest muscle to build where you will first see your progress!

It’s tough today. With all that Photoshop and Instagram bodies it’s difficult to remain sane. Wherever you look, someone is pushing you to look bigger and stronger if you’re a guy. Or just bigger, if you’re female (in certain feminine areas, of course). Regardless of all that pressure nowadays, of course, it is desirable and necessary that you work out several times a week. If you’re already hooked on training and weight lifting, you’ve been listening to all kinds of discussions, starting with how to gain muscle fast for skinny guys, how to build muscles at home, how to build muscles without going to gym, how to get those perfect cut-out abs, and so on, and so forth. There is such an overload of information and lots of theories, but we’ll focus here on hard, solid facts.

Easiest, Fastest Muscle to Build


If you’re into muscle building (obviously), here are a few things you should know that we got from AskMen. The first muscles that will be showing off in your body are the biggest ones. Simple and logical. Those of you that want to know how to build muscle fast at home will get the same answer like the ones working out at the gym: do more heavy lifting. Why is heavy lifting so popular nowadays? Technically, there is something called fast-twitch muscles and slow-twitch muscles. Fast-twitch muscles type IIb are the biggest ones in your body, and by their nature are much more prone to increasing than the other group. And in order to do that, the muscles should be activated with proper weight.

But which types of exercises exactly you should follow in order to build muscle fast at home without equipment isn’t really our story, but you can find the answer at Men’s Fitness. For all of you dying to gain 30lbs of muscle as quickly as possible, let us just say that there are plenty of supplements and products in the market, but you should be vary. Eventually, you may end up with the desired kilos, but a lot of it will be water, not muscle. Indeed, building your body properly is no mean feat. If you really want to have some good advice, read our article about 5 most important amino acids for muscle growth and hair loss.

Once we discerned which are the biggest muscle groups (glutes, pecs, lats, triceps, biceps, and quads) at Thrillist, they were to be studied and ranked. As we have mentioned it before, the biggest took precedence. Live Strong confirmed which muscles are located in the arms, and which fast-twitch muscles are easiest to gain weight. Last but not the least, there was Slideshare with the largest muscle of the pectoral region, and T-Nation for quadriceps. We feel obliged to say there are different theories and research about whether muscles of the lower or upper body grow faster, so we left our list random. Whichever muscle you focus on, you won’t make a mistake because it’ll start showing soon.

Now would be the time to finally reveal the names of 7 easiest, fastest muscle to build. Here they are!

7. Medial Head (triceps)

The triceps make up for 2/3 of your upper arm mass. The good thing about triceps is that they usually all work together, but if you wish to strengthen the one between the two, try close grip bench press, or bar dips. True, this one isn’t as visible as the other two, but it definitely counts.

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