7 Easiest Avenged Sevenfold Songs to Play on Guitar

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Heavy metal doesn’t have to mean hard to perform. The  Easiest Avenged Sevenfold Songs to play on guitar are chalk full of easy transitions. This heavy metal band’s fans swear by and have inspired many to take up those axes. And, even though we all want to play their songs, there’s a slight hiccup when we actually get to playing them, i.e., killer solos and palm mutes!

So we decided to come up with a list of songs with fairly simple guitar sections that you can try starting out with. We looked through guitar tabs on different lesson websites, searching for the easy to intermediate level songs with fairly simple structures and also asked around as much as we could, to come up with a valid list of songs and ranked them according to their level of ease. To make it clear, none of the Avenged Sevenfold songs can be tagged as “easy” in the real sense and if you are a beginner you are going to have to stumble more than a few times. But once you are in the intermediate level of playing ( that means you have all the barre chords down and are fairly comfortable with soloing and rhythm techniques) these are the first Avenged Sevenfold songs you should consider learning. Most of the songs are pretty straightforward until we get to Synyster’s solos, which are the real deal breaker. The trickier part could also be getting the tones right.

Easiest Avenged Sevenfold Songs to Play on Guitar

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Of course if you are an intermediate player serious about guitar playing, you will inevitably need some audio editors to keep track of your practice tracks. In that case we have the 6 Easiest Audio Editing Software That Are Free for you to try. Some of them are great to slow down tracks to practice along to and we highly recommend Audacity.

Overall, the trick to mastering an Avenged Sevenfold track is perseverance. You might find it hard for a few times but they are great songs to learn as much as they are also helpful in building some important techniques. So, let’s channelize the inner power of heavy metal and dive right into the list of the 7 easiest Avenged Sevenfold songs to play on the guitar.

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