6 Easiest Audio Editing Software That Are Free

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What are the easiest audio editing software that are free in the market? Sometimes the best things come free and that holds quite true for audio editing software that are on this list. For simple audio editing needs these are the software that work the best sometimes sans the complication. And, they are also great for beginners in audio editing to learn the ropes.

Uses of an audio editing application can be varied. From snipping parts of the audio file or minimizing noise to changing audio formats, there may be software available for a specialized use or all uses rolled into one. Everybody needs a good and powerful editing tool in the course of time in today’s digital era. Requirements could crop in the form of simply getting a nice ringtone or for that important business presentation. To choose a suitable software one should lookout for the kind of usage one if seeking. The different types of audio software include splitters and joiners, general editors, multi format, mp3 and wav editors, among others. One should also pay attention to the operating systems the respective software run on before settling for one. While many editors run on specific operating systems like Mac or Windows, some others like Audacity run across all platforms.



To compile our list we have used user ratings as well as editor ratings on software download sites like SoftTonic and Cnet, applying weights for easy user interface and relevancy of usage to arrive at the rankings. We have also taken into account the number of downloads they have on the respective site to assess their popularity.

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For now let’s take a look at the easiest audio editing software  that are free and take care of your audio editing needs for you in a blink. Here’s the list!

6. Nero Wave Editor

Type: Audio Editor

Platform: Windows

The pro software for amateurs, as it can be called, can be used as the perfect building block into the world of audio editing. It is used for recording and editing files. The interface is straightforward and though the features are powerful, they are easy to find and apply. The features include filters, audio enhancers, and real-time preview. The interface might not be easy as the others on the list (hence the 6th position) but it lets you undo all changes in case you make the wrong moves.

Easiest Audio Editing Software That Are Free Nero Wave Editor

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