7 Best Smartphones with Longest Battery Life

If you are tired of constantly having to recharge your mobile phone, then check out our list of best smartphones with longest battery life.

While the smartphones are more advanced and look better than ever, their battery life looks worse. You could use your Nokia 3310 for days without having to recharge. Now you are forced to charge your smartphone almost every day. Of course, this makes some sense, since all you could do with Nokia 3310 was making calls, writing texts and playing Snake. Today’s advanced features alongside the far greater use of a mobile phone are sucking the battery life. Snap few pictures, check your FB feed, upload an image to Instagram, watch few videos on YouTube and your battery is already begging for a charge. Yes, manufacturers have figured a way to cram three cameras and fingerprint scanner into the smartphone, but they still haven’t wrapped their heads around making a durable battery.

7 Best Smartphones with Longest Battery Life


There are lots of apps there promising they can make your battery more efficient, and some of them actually do work. Those that promise to turn magically your 20% battery to 55%, are of course telling you bunch of lies. The battery management and saving apps all work on a similar principle. They look for the apps and processes that are not crucial for the smartphone to work properly at a given moment and shut them down. This way, the consumption of the battery is smaller. If you decide to use one of these apps, be careful, since plenty of them are filled with viruses and malware. If not, there are few things you can do by yourself. For example, use lower screen brightness; disable push notifications and use Airplane Mode if you don’t need a cellular signal. For those of you, who want a smartphone with a shiny display and don’t mind carrying a charger all the time, check out our list of 6 Best Smartphones with AMOLED Display.

In order to find the best smartphones with longest battery life, we turned to sites that review the smartphones: cnet, Recombu, Expert Reviews, Consumer Reports, Tom’s Guide and Android Authority. The main problem was that all of these sites had different tests. Some tested the heavy use of the phone while others played videos on repeat on Airplane Mode so the results were inconsistent. That’s why we decided to look for smartphones that were featured on most of these lists as top picks and rank them according to the number of recommendations. Let’s check them out.