6 Most Dangerous Rivers in Australia

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Today we are setting out to explore the most dangerous rivers in Australia! The country, surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, is known for its beautiful reefs and landscapes, and does not have a dearth of water bodies. The country’s landscape spans a large variety, from tropical forests to mountain ranges and dry deserts in the center. And, all of it is generously peppered with rivers and creeks!

However, over the years numerous cases of drowning have surfaced in its rivers and have even seen an increase in recent years. A research conducted by the Royal Life Saving Society has revealed that over 735 people have been victims of drowning in Australia’s rivers between 2002 and 2012. And, the rivers were most of these accidents have occurred have been termed as the black spots and the most dangerous rivers in Australia!

A major cause for most of these drownings has been revealed to be alcohol, considering the fact that almost 37% of the victims were found to be intoxicated. Drinking and swimming have grown into the Australian culture and the rivers have proved dangerous for indulging in water sports in the intoxicated state. Compared to the seas the rivers may appear more peaceful, but they often are  lurking dangers that they pose. Some of the rivers in the country also pose the threat of predators and aquatic animals that one should be weary of.


However, Australian rivers are way less scary than its counterparts in the other countries who feature in the list of 10 Most Dangerous Rivers in the World. These are the deepest and darkest rapids, infested with unknown fears that should be always traversed with extra care and precautions.

But, if you happen to be in Australia and river recreation and sports are on your to-do list, here is the list of the most dangerous rivers in Australia that you should best avoid or be extra careful about!

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