10 Most Dangerous Rivers In The World

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Wondering which rivers are the most dangerous rivers in the world? We are used to talking about human inventions and awesome technological advances and developments, but we tend to forget that some of the most impressive pieces of works are within nature itself. Indeed, nature has not only provided home, shelter and a means for men throughout history to survive to the present age of advancement, but has also been surprising us to this day with its many wonders. Yet, beyond beauty, nature can also lay claim to incomparable potency and unstoppable force, and this ever-present threat is manifested in some of the many rivers which snake through the cities, countries, and continents of our world.

Rivers network the entirety of the world, and its currents provide a much-needed source of water to each land they reach. Although not every river has water suitable for human consumption, rivers provide important sources of energy, allow transportation, and hold a vast ecosystem which feeds not only local fauna but also offers fresh fish for men to consume. Rivers are indeed vital for human survival, and some of them are considered particularly important sources of wealth. Taking a look at the list we’ve compiled of The 5 Longest Rivers in the World, we can see some of these waterways, like the Yenisei, can cover a length of over 3,448 miles.

Yet, despite being an important reserve of resources, rivers can also carry great risks. Some rivers produce constant flooding, have untamed wildlife and can have dangerous ravines and gorges. Rivers might be more powerful than what most people think, and can cause serious damage to nearby towns and anyone who wishes to explore them. We’ve compiled a list with some of the most dangerous rivers, taking into account the flow rate of the river. So if you are rather adventurous, check out this list we have compiled featuring the most dangerous rivers in the world!

No. 10 Mekong River

The Mekong River is the 7th longest river in Asia, and 11th in the world, and runs through China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and Thailand. It has an approximate length of 2,703 miles, and has a very diverse ecosystem along its route, with rare species of dolphins and salt-water crocodiles. The strength of its rapids and its volume level makes it almost impossible to navigate. During 2000, the rapids produced a flood which killed 90 people, and in 2008, the Mekong River had its worst flood, causing $66 million in damages.

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