6 Easiest LPN to RN Bridge Programs

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Here comes a list of 6 easiest LPN to RN bridge programs which we compiled for licensed practical nurses ready to expand their knowledge and start working as a registered nurses, assuming thus more responsibility and also earning some $24,000 more per year.

LPN to RN bridge programs usually lasts between three and five semesters. To enroll at an LPN to RN bridge program students are expected to meet a few conditions including to complete prerequisite courses usually in chemistry, anatomy, physiology, biology with GPA over 2.75 (note that there are programs which may have lower requirements regarding grade point average). These courses can be taken ten years before application to LPN to RN program. Other requirements include passing some of the standardized tests, taking ATI TEAS test, going through a criminal background check and drug screen. After graduating from LPN to RN bridge program, students can take national RN licensing exam – NCLEX-RN, in order to start working as a registered nurse.

easiest LPN to RN bridge programs


LPN to RN programs are offered across the country by the community and vocational educational institutions. In recent years there has been also a surge in LPN to RN online bridge programs which might be the right choice for employed nurses. Two main characteristics of online programs are flexibility and tuition which is usually considerably lower compared to fees of traditional programs. Dozens of the cheapest online LPN to RN programs charge students less than $7,500. While these programs allow students to complete the greatest share of required work from home, note that there are no LPN to RN online programs without clinical experience. Students are expected to gain clinical experience, but they can usually choose to work at health care unities that are close to home at flexible hours. In case you are interested in LPN to BSN online programs, check out Affordable Colleges Online’s article.

As said before, registered nurses can count on an annual salary of $68,450 which is some $24,000 more compared to earnings of LPNs. Moreover, RNs find a job more easily and quickly than LPNs. While both nursing professions will experience significant job growth, the job market for registered nurses will expand faster, growing 26% compared to 22% growth in LPN field. Taking into account earnings and job prospects America is one of the best countries to be a nurse. If you are interested in finding out about other best places for nurses, you can read our very popular article about highest paying countries for nurses.

In order to create the ranking of 6 easiest LPN to RN bridge programs we put Google through its paces and examined dozens of schools across America. We also consulted forums for nursing students and threads about easy LPN to RN bridge program, i.e., programs that have the relatively easy curriculum, LPN to RN accelerated programs as well as fastest LPN to RN programs – programs that last three semesters or less. The final result is this list where some programs take only a year to complete and whose curriculum includes only four nursing courses.

6. Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE

Duration: 4 semesters (part-time)

Nursing courses: 22 credit hours

We start today’s list with Metropolitan Community College. Its LPN to AND bridge part-time program lasts four semesters, and it is the only program on this list which takes two years to complete. However, Metropolitan College offers students opportunity to take evening/weekend classes and as such is a perfect option for employed people. The program’s flexibility is the main reason why it found a place on this list. Program prerequisites include courses in psychology, biology, chemistry, anatomy while curriculum contains three general education and five nursing courses.

easiest LPN to RN bridge programs

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