7 Best Freelance Websites for Writers

If you’re a writer looking for freelance work, then look no further than these 7 best freelance websites for writers. Freelancing is not for everyone, but it does provide benefits to those disciplined and patient enough to see the fruits of their labor. For one, freelancing gives you the flexibility to adjust your work depending on your schedule and to add or lessen work depending on your free time. You can even work in the comfort of your home if you prefer working at home rather than somewhere else.

However, in recent years, it’s become quite hard to get established as a freelance writer because of the numerous unremarkable job offers available. A lot of aspiring writers quit the job because they can’t find a decent job or are given jobs that are not enough to support their needs. It’s really important to choose a job that you want to work on, and one that you know can pay you well. Sometimes it just takes a little more time to find something like that, much like searching for other work. If you do more than writing or have other skill sets, then check out the 11 best sites to find freelance work.

7 Best Freelance Websites for Writers

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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing among the numerous freelance websites available online. For one, a good freelance website has to have enough active freelancers and employers to make it worth one’s time, meaning that popularity is an important factor. There are also things such as compensation, satisfaction ratings, etc. However, these things are hard to measure so we only have the popularity to look at. For that, we scour numerous websites and base this list on the frequency they’ve been mentioned when recommending the best freelance websites for people who are looking for great writing jobs. Some of the websites we checked include, HubStaff, Writers Job Board, The Write Life, to name a few.

When doing your research on these websites, you may also notice that not everyone has the same opinion on their quality. Some writers may have had bad experiences with these websites, but it pays to suspend judgment, especially if not everyone shares the same sentiments. Let’s learn more about these 7 best freelance websites for writers: