11 Easiest Alcoholic Drinks to Digest

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These 11 easiest alcoholic drinks to digest are probably the drinks you’d want to order on a long night out. Everyone has a different sense and tolerance when it comes to alcohol. What comes as easy for some may be heavy or strong for you. Some people also have affinities to certain types of alcoholic drinks. Sometimes, we are just looking for the drinks that are easy on the stomach and ones that will be easier to drink in multiples because they digest easily as well. There are numerous alcoholic drinks from around the world and everyone has their own unique way of brewing and serving them.

There are of course drinks that are easier to access and get depending on which country you are currently at. There are also drinks that just prove popular maybe due to the taste or effect they give. Tequila is one of those drinks and it is certainly one of the alcoholic drinks that have expensive variations. Like the ones you’ll see in our list of 11 Most Expensive Tequilas in the World. Don’t mistake drinks that are good on the taste buds to be drinks that are easiest to digest. Often times those drinks are the ones that are deceptively strong and hard to digest.

Using resources like Get Drunk Not Fat and Nutrients Review, Insider Monkey has compiled information and ranked them according alcoholic content. This is because the higher the alcoholic content of a drink, the harder it is to actually digest them. This is because alcohol still has to go through different processes from organs like the liver, kidney and stomach before it’s even digested properly. Even though other types of liquids pass through these organs, alcohol takes a long time because of its composition. Let’s find out more about the 11 easiest alcoholic drinks to digest.

11. Sangria

Alcoholic Content: 6-11.5%

You’ll often find Sangria in countries like Spain or Portugal. It is a mix of red wine, brandy, a fruit and a sweetener. There are many types of combinations of Sangria available. Officially Sangria can only be named that way if it’s from Spain or Portugal.

Easiest Alcoholic Drinks to Digest - Sangria

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