6 Best Cities for Startups in Canada

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New business ideas are always popping up and if you think you have an idea for the next big company, check out this list of the best cities for startups in Canada.

When we think of startups we think of fun, innovative offices where everyone enjoys free food and riding around on scooters. While that’s the case for some, it’s not really the case for all startups. However, startups can be really cool environments to work in, where you get to work with some really brilliant and passionate people. Many like startups because of the intimate working environment. Startups are companies that are just getting off the ground, so there are usually a handful of employees. This is extremely beneficial in creating an atmosphere where it feels like everyone’s input is recognized, and each employee is doing their unique part in the business’s success.

6 Best Cities For Startups in Canada


Countries all over the world are encouraging and helping their major cities to become incubators for startups as more and more business ideas are developing — especially in the technology industry. One of those countries on the come up for startups is Canada. From beautiful cities, to great people and a generally welcoming environment, it’s no wonder why businesses are flocking to Canada. The country offers a number of grants and other aid to assist with small businesses, which is naturally a big influence in bringing more startups. Since these small businesses are just getting going, and funds aren’t always readily available, it makes sense to go where you will get money. Regardless of the country, many startups flock to cities because there tend to be more resources and access to various businesses available. Just like anywhere it would be a wise decision to conduct a feasibility study to know if you will reach the point where you expand globally.

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We’ve collected the cities on our list of best cities for startups in Canada from the study conducted by Startup Genome. There are cities in Canada that made it to the top 20 while the others are in the regional clusters. We decided to rank our list by the number of startups in each of the most popular Canadian cities for startups. There is no information on the survival rate of startups per city. Aside from that, depending on the startup and what you are looking for in a city, any of the cities may be the “best” choice for your business.

Let’s take a look at our list of 6 best cities for startups in Canada.

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