10 Best Cities For Startups In The US

If you have the next great business model and you need a place to start, look no further than the best cities for startups in the US.

Startups are a lucrative business nowadays. More and more people are going forth to become the next entrepreneur that solves any and all problems you could possibly think of. I’ve worked for startups a few times and there’s something really wonderful about getting in on the ground floor with a company and being a part of the growth in a unique way. Your ideas, to some degree, actually matter and make a difference within the company, whereas in larger businesses you might get pushed aside and ignored. Granted, there’s always a chance of failure and you need to be prepared for rapid changes happening all the time, but it’s really worthwhile for people who don’t like to be part of typical offices.

10 Best Cities For Startups In The US


There are different places in the US that are better for different types of businesses. Some cities just aren’t equipped for startups because of a lack of resources, which means you have to pay careful attention to where you’re starting your business before you begin. For those of you outside the US, the list of the best cities for startups in the world might be helpful to you. It’d be interesting to see what US cities made that list and where they ranked. Startups are a risky business, but if you play your cards right and pick the right office space, you might just have the next big idea.

In order to create this list of best cities for startups in the US, we used the Kauffman Index to check out some cities. From this source, we took the rate of new entrepreneurs, the opportunity share, and the startup density for our criteria. We took the average of these data points to rank our cities. All in all, each city is a great place to be for a new business and it really just depends on what your startup company’s main industry is going to be.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best cities for startups in the US.