5 Most Sexually Liberated Churches or Religions in the World

Have you ever wondered what are the most sexually liberated churches or religions in the world? Let’s find out.

Sexuality and religion (or church) seems like a rather delicate issue. Probably the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking of this are scandals that we often see in the media, about sexual child abuse in the Catholic Church. A survey in Australia from 2017, for example, revealed that tens of thousands of children were sexually abused in several last decades in various Australian institutions, including churches and schools. So much about one of the leading religions that believe in abstinence.

On the other side, on the matter of Christianity and premarital intimacy, different Christian denominations have different ideas and thoughts (as on other things as well). However, nowadays it is not easy to give the ultimate answer to this question. For example, as Christianity Today notes, there is no such thing as premarital sex, only marital and non-marital one. Others, nevertheless, say that it is a matter of different reading of the Bible, so that it can be OK. In the end, it seems that personal interpretation has a lot of impact on resolutions like this. The similar answer can be given to the question such as what is considered fornication. It is usually seen as a sin, explained as some kind of sexual intercourse between people who are not married to each other, but there are others who don’t think of it as something bad.

5 Most Sexually Liberated Churches or Religions in the World


But we are here dealing with a different range of sexuality and religion. But before we get to those most sexually liberated churches or religions in the world, it might be interesting to take a look at related interesting facts. For example, do you know what are the most sexually active countries and cities? In case you don’t, take a look at 15 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World, 16 Most Sexually Active Cities in the World and 15 Most Sexually Open Countries in the World. These articles should satisfy your curiosity on the topic of sexual openness in various places.

What do you think – is there any impact of religion on sexual openness in these countries? It is hard to say since there are so many religions nowadays spread throughout all countries. First, in order to find out what are the most sexually liberated churches (and religions) in the world, it is good to ask what are all religions of the world. Now, that is really hard to say as there are around 4,300 different religions/churches recognized, and that number is changing. For example, Iceland has relatively recently re-established Germanic pagan beliefs, and now have a recognized and ever growing church Ásatrúarfélagið, or Asatru.

In the search of the most sexually liberated churches and religions, we approached this issue from many angles. We included most sexually active religions, religions opened to any kind of sexual activity pre and post marital, opened to homosexuality and LGBT, etc. We got some overall insights into these questions on places such as Psychology Today, ThoughtCo. Then, after this, we went through searching particular religions/churches and their attitudes towards sex and sexuality, in order to check all those less mentioned in general studies and articles. These included some scientific researches, as well as other sources, as you will see further down on the list.

Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that is not easy to discuss religions on the matter of sexuality since religions are evolving and changing through time. For example, when talking about Hinduism and premarital relationships, we are on the shaking ground. Premarital sex was generally not preferred, but there are some exceptions for the royal family and high classes. But after seeing all those sexy scenes from Hindu temples, this all seems rather contradictory.

But, let’s get to the thing now, and see which those most sexually liberated churches and religions are: