5 Free GED Programs in and Around NYC for Adults

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These days, it’s not easy to get your career off the ground without a high school diploma, and if you have goals to get your GED, our list of 5 free GED programs in and around NYC for adults will help.

When you take up the GED (the General Educational Development) program, that is as good as earning your high school diploma. This is an exam equivalent to completing high school for those who were not able to finish it. This test includes academic subjects such as science, English, mathematics, social studies, reading, and writing. The GED was originally designed for World War II veterans, as a way for them to earn a high school equivalency certificate and for them to go on with their civilian lives, they could get employed after serving the country.

There are many reasons why some students drop out of school and decide not pursue their studies. This may be because of financial scarcity where someone may need to take on a full time job to support themselves or their family. Another could be related to various family issues. There are a lot of factors really that can make a person turn their back from studying. Once people do leave high school, and a few years pass, they’re unlikely to feel confident about reentering a school setting because of their age.

Despite the reasons for dropping out, there also reasons why it is worth it to pursue studies. This is not to generalize that being a drop out is really the worst case, I mean look at, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and even Walt Disney. They were all college dropouts but turned out to be extremely successful. But again we all have different fates so it all depends on how you handle your life and pursue your dreams. The free GED programs in NYC for adults are not the only ways you can expand your knowledge in the city. There are also a lot of other free classes which you will find in our list of 25 Free Classes in NYC for Adults. Taking the GED and passing the test opens opportunity. This can mean a higher wage if you are currently working or you can pursue a college education. Another is a higher possibility of employment. This also boosts your confidence for you can already keep up in terms of education. There are also other programs aside from the GED that would give you the benefit of a high school equivalency certificate. These are TASC or Test Assessing Secondary Completion and the HiSET.

Since TASC and HiSET are mostly well known around New York referring to these as the new GED, we have considered institutions that offer free programs for TASC and HiSET as well. There are also those who have free GED programs. Most institutions in NYC require pay for their GED programs, and not everyone is in a position to pay these fees. These free GED programs are somewhat like a ray of light to those who can’t afford regular GED programs in NYC. We used Google and the Class Curious database to get information on the programs on our list. We also checked through Google Search for the reviews of those who experienced the services of the institutions that we have on our list. It was a tough one looking for free GED programs or classes for as we all know, everything around us nowadays needs payment.

If you are ready to take your education to the next level, take a look at our list of 5 free GED programs in and around NYC for adults.

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