25 Free Classes in NYC for Adults

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New York can be considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, but you can still find 25 free classes in NYC for adults. According to the English philosopher Francis Bacon, knowledge is power, so it’s understandable that adults in New York City are often looking to improve or learn a new skill. And I cannot think of a better way to learn, in order to enrich a career or simply to have fun, than not having to pay for classes in the city. So we put a list together of 25 free classes in NYC for adults.

In our society, we are often judged by the skills we have, our careers and the amount of money we make. So, skills are very important, but it can be expensive to enroll in classes in NYC, especially in times of economic crisis, when most people have to be more conscious about their spending habits. Luckily, in certain fields, there is a possibility to get free courses that can range from interests or amount of time you will spend to learn a new skill.

A big city like NYC offers a wide range of classes for you, but their cost might be too high, so choosing free classes might be the way to go. You can have your cake and eat it too, learning or improving a certain skill for free. Adults might want to take classes just for fun, try a dance class like ballet or try acting classes, swimming, art or get GED classes. In fact, there are many locations in NYC where you can find GED courses for free, as it is a popular choice for those in need of a High School diploma.

25 Free Classes in NYC for Adults

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But why look for free classes? First thing, obviously is money, as not everyone has extra cash to spend learning how to bake a proper cake or to be great at Tango or even to dream about being the next American swimmer Olympic gold medalist,  Michael Phelps. Another reason might be that you are not the type who will tap into your savings or your kids’ college fund to improve a certain skill you have or to learn a new one you dream of having.

In this case, looking for 25 free classes in NYC for adults will be good for you. Besides saving money, since classes are free, you will also meet people and improve your social life. You might even end up meeting the love of your life in one of those places, in case you are single, of course. My neighbor, who is a yoga teacher in her mid 60’s, swears by taking dance lessons in the city as a great way to meet people. She has gone out on a few dates with men she met there. She said she loves it, and I noticed her Spanish is getting much better as well, as she favors Latin dance studios.

According to Class Curious, a privately owned company in NYC,  minimum prices per class might range from $5 for painting,  $10 for drawing, $30 for swimming and even higher for other skills.  But, even if those prices are not going to break the bank, attending classes for free in NYC sounds like a great option to have. And if you are also looking for online classes to take for free check it out Best 7 Online Courses to Take: Free Finance MOOCs .

In certain cases, perhaps the quality of classes that are paid for, might differ from places which offer classes for free, but the passion and enthusiasm of the students might be the same. And as long as teachers and students are on the same page, both having a passionate approach to the subject being taught, this might prove to be a rewarding experience.

And even though it is hard to imagine that in a place like NYC, which is very money oriented, some classes are been offered for free to help its community. Sometimes a class is being offered by an artist, who will invest money and time to educate the next generation of artists as his way to giving back to society. It can be a photographer, who likes to share his knowledge, and experience in order to improve other lives or it can be offered by a government institution like the NYC Board of Education.

In order to come up with a list of 25 free classes in NYC for adults we started with google searches, using different keyword combinations to get a proper results. We found out that through NYC Parks swimming classes are offered for free. So it’s time to get that speedo out of the drawer and try them out. We also took into consideration the opinions shared by readers at NYC online forums. Most of their class recommendations were for people who are new to the city or for those looking for free classes in NYC for adults. Here is our list of 25 free classes in NYC for adults.

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