5 Easiest Ways To Hack Your Friend’s Facebook Account

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If you want to make a cool prank, these are the 5 easiest ways to hack your friend’s Facebook account.

Facebook has become a social network that probably includes profiles from your 7-year-old cousin as well as your 70-year-old grandma. According to the statistics, Facebook currently has over 1.7 billion active users on a monthly basis. We doubt Mark Zuckerberg had this in mind when he created Facebook in his dorm room. With the growth of Facebook, grew the dependence of the users. Now, people have almost all their contacts stored on this social network as well as their pictures, videos, and messages. Because of this, Facebook accounts became a very desirable thing to hack.

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Once you hack someone’s Facebook account, you have the power to do with it anything you wish: change it, deactivate it or mess with people’s lives. Facebook takes this issue very seriously, and they are continuously working on enhancing the security of accounts and the site itself. Despite this, there are some easy ways to hack a Facebook account. Unlike account, sites are overall difficult to hack, but if you are interested in that, check out our list of 7 easiest ways to deface or hack a website.

To find out the 5 easiest ways to hack your friend’s Facebook account, we checked various sites that contain some hacking instructions like Wonder How-To, and Tech Viral among others. After we had collected all the ways a Facebook account can be hacked, we picked 5 easiest ways to hack a friend’s account. Note that these ways may not work when hacking a stranger.

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