5 Easiest Kit Airplanes to Build from Scratch

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For all of you who have mastered assembling IKEA furniture, and are dreaming to fly high in the sky, we’re giving you 5 easiest kit airplanes to build from scratch!

Isn’t this a great time to be alive! Achieving one of the man’s greatest dreams has never been so easy! And we’re not talking here about commercial flights. Dedalus couldn’t be more proud of you! That’s the guy from Greek mythology who had the first dream of flying up in the air. He was able to construct the wings which Icarus used to rise up in the air successfully, but the Sun made him crash. Not, it wasn’t because it blinded him. Either way, you shouldn’t have any accidents with our suggestions if you follow the manual thoroughly.

 Easiest Kit Airplanes to Build from Scratch

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Not everyone has the desire to fly on his own. You’re probably been keen on flying ever since you were pondering how to build an airplane for a school project. There’s something magical about elevating yourself above the ground that most people don’t really understand. Only the real aficionados. And the pride you feel after completing your very own DIY ultralight aircraft! Well, only your fellow craftsmen understand why it’s worth toiling hundreds of hours to finally complete that build your own airplane kit. It doesn’t matter what your vocation is. Once you’re in the garage (or some other available space), the whole world stops turning as you begin work on your beauty. Or at least it appears to stop before your family calls you out for dinner.

Nowadays there are so many airplane kits for sale that make your life easier. What is more, lots of companies offer partially assembled kits to make the whole tiring process shorter. Unfortunately, lots of people give up building an airplane because they realize too late they’re in over their heads and it’s much more time-consuming than they had expected. If you aren’t a patient person, then you can stop googling how to build your own airplane immediately. That decision will save you money, effort and time. But if you still prefer flying your own plane, check out our list of 7 easiest private and fighter jets to fly. On the other hand, if you possess dedication, determination, endurance, and patience, you’ll actually indulge in figuring out how to build an airplane from scratch.

As for the aircraft kits we have in mind, we feel obliged to provide some explanations. Firstly, as you are probably pretty much aware, it’s considered that you’ve built an airplane on your own if you did 51% of the assembly work. With our easiest kit airplanes that percentage is 100%. After all, our title says “from scratch.” However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use Glasair’s services. They provide you with space, all the necessary tools and personal advice from professionals, but still, the whole assembly process is done by you and you only. With so many airplane kits for sale, it was hard to choose the least complicated ones. Hardly anyone confirms how many hours of work you have to put in, sot he list has to be random. For our list, we chose an aircraft that is famous for incredibly short assembly time. Also, if two sources agreed on some planes, it was an excellent recommendation. Speaking of which, our information providers were: Air Space Mag, WiredFlying Mag and Pilot Planes.  Last but not the least, a plane without a cockpit surely requires less time than the others.

Finally, let’s take a look which are 5 easiest kit airplanes to build from scratch and start building your dream!

5. Glasair Sportsman

As we have already mentioned, Glasair helps all plane builders with the assembly process. What better and quicker way to hit the skies than to purchase one of their own models?

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