5 Best Smartphones With A Stylus

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The 5 best smartphones with a stylus redefine style and grace while demonstrating the astounding growth in technology (click here to skip ahead and jump to our top 2 choices for the best smartphone with a stylus).

I remember the days when having a colored, animated screen would seem to be the pinnacle of technology and you couldn’t even imagine anything better. Or when, a few years later, I got my hands on the HP iMate, which was one of the first true smartphones and had a stylus as well.

But now, in 2020, it looks like everyone has a smartphone. Any phone which does not have a touchscreen seems out of touch, antiquated and not very useful. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find any company which is still producing phones without touchscreens. Now, the fight is between phones with and without a stylus. If you want to look at phones with stylus 2018, head on over to 7 best smartphones with stylus in 2018. There are proponents for and against the use of stylus; those who oppose it think it has limited functionality and actually affects the usage negatively, while others think that a smartphone with a stylus gives you unparalleled style. We are not here to make any judgments; we think that both parties have a point but the popularity of smartphones with stylus show it has a lot of support behind it. This is why you can find a Huawei stylus phone in the Huawei Mate 20 X, or a Xiaomi  (HKG: 1810) phone with stylus in the Xiaomi Mi 8, though you need to get a stylus separately which is unfortunate. However, these companies, along with Samsung (KRX: 005930) and LG, are the only ones producing phones with a stylus, and even the models are quiet limited. For example, Samsung comes out with just one stylus phone every year.

Most stylus phones are also flagship phones which is why they are quiet expensive. But of course, there are cheaper options as well such as the LG (KRX: 066570) Stylo 6 phone, which costs around $180 and is not a bad deal at all. The higher end phones in our list cost nearly $1,500. For that amount, you could get a high end large screen QLED TV, but to each his own I guess. To determine our list, we admittedly had to select the top 5 from very few options, for which we consulted various websites such as ZDNet.com, Freedom251, and TechRadar. So let’s take a look at the best smartphones with a stylus, starting with number 5:

5. LG Q Stylus+

The LG phone is a very budget phone, and isn’t just a great deal for a phone with a stylus, but is a good deal for any smartphone at all. While the specs aren’t amazing, they are still quite solid and include a 1.5 GHz Octa Core processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64GB of interna storage. It further boasts a 16 MP camera as well a 5 MP front camera, while even the fingerprint sensor has multiple functionalities too.

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