7 Best Smartphones With Stylus in 2018

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We’ve rounded up the best smartphones with stylus in 2018 for all fans of these little gadgets.

Among numerous smartphone models and their updated versions each month, I would always choose a smartphone with a stylus. Why with stylus, you wonder? Because phone with pen looks way more elegant and classy and in my opinion, it never gets out of fashion. Also, if you want to have a more professional look, this is something that you should have in your bag, ladies especially! On the contrary, when it comes to gentlemen, the situation is a bit different — them using a smartphone with a stylus might look like they are too picky or too “precious.” However, if your hand fingers are a little bit bigger, regardless which sex you are, smartphone, or even better, a phablet with stylus is perfect. The “smallest” on the list of the best biggest phablets available are having 5.5 inches touchscreen display. In case you still don’t know what is a phablet, the best answer would be — part tablet, part phone. So, phablet phones are what all those who are not satisfied with the size of their smartphone’s screen need. After all, tablets are a little too big to carry around, right?

Nowadays, there is basically not one person, old or young, that doesn’t have a smartphone. Before it was a fashion to have small phones, now the bigger is, apparently, more desirable. Nevertheless, it is pretty useful to have a big screen. First of all, your eyes will be grateful. Secondly, you can easily find it in your bag, and thirdly, the chance of somebody stealing it from you in the street or public transport is, I think, decreased. Today standard size of the screen is around 5.5 inches. Largest smartphone in 2017, in terms of a big screen, of course, is a 6.01 inches smartphone, according to the Geek Buying. Also, if we don’t talk about Android, one of the biggest iPhones is iPhone X with a 5.8-inch OLED display. And what about 7 inch smartphone? We couldn’t find anything with that number, except phablets. Speaking of phablets, it is worth to mention what was the best budget phablet in 2017. One of them is ZTE Max XL with the starting price of $130. Not bad at all!

Anyway, in the variety of smartphones, we decided to write about smartphones with stylus, for the previously mentioned reasons. In 2017, the most popular one was Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (wasn’t very hard to guess), at least according to our previous article — 8 Best Smartphones With A Stylus. Moreover, another Samsung mobile phones with stylus pen worth mentioning is the Galaxy Note Edge. There are many positive comments about it, as you will see in the following text. In case you are wondering about Galaxy Note alternative with stylus, the answer is Galaxy S7 edge. In order to create our list of best smartphones with stylus in 2018, we took the most repeated suggestions from various sources such as the Android Portal, Best Buy, Trusted Reviews, Gizbot, to mention a few. We compared the smartphones by using GSMArena and ranked them from the “worst” performing to the best one. Also, for each smartphone on our list, we provided a video review, so that you can get more information on each one. Even though it would be awesome if we could provide you with a list of upcoming stylus phones as well, for now, we give you the list of best smartphones with stylus in 2018. Shall we proceed?

7. Panasonic Eluga Ray X

Panasonic Eluga Ray X smartphone was launched in March 2017. It has a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. Moreover, it comes with 3 GB of RAM. Its price is around $200.

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