5 Best Chromebook Apps for Writing and Editing

Figuring out which are the best 5 best Chromebook apps for writing and editing is particularly useful since Chromebook users can’t install much software due to the limited storage room, but mostly due to the fact that there are a few options that come with Chrome OS support.

Thankfully, however, there are plenty of options in the Chrome Webstore to pick from so you’re covered in all aspects that may concern you when trying to write and edit text. If you’re interested, you could also take a look at the 6 best Google apps for Chromebook and check those out as well.

5 Best Chromebook Apps for Writing and Editing


So what do you need? Well, that’s pretty simple. First, you need a good word editor that also gives you some customization options. Then, having an app that can translate your voice into text might also be ideal for those times when you’d rather have someone else type for you. A dictionary and a translator would also be great additions since you should always check to make sure you’re using the right words. Last, but not least, you should have an advanced tool to check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

All these tools should make your writing task quite pleasant and they’ll make sure your document is empty of mistakes. In order to create our list of best Chromebook apps for writing and editing we checked for apps for all of the above categories and took into account which had the most and the best reviews. Everyone knows that when it comes to reviews it’s quite less common to see people who don’t like a product state their opinions online, rather than the other way around, so taking into account the ratings and the number of reviews seems to be the way to go. And now, let’s see the list of best Chromebook apps for writing and editing.