30 Funniest Science Jokes, Puns, and Humor Quotes Ever

If science was (or is) your favorite subject in school and you love a good laugh, check out our list of 30 funniest science jokes, puns, and humor quotes ever below.

Because sometimes life is rough, and a bit too serious. Now and then, you need a little humor to mix it up and lighten your day. You’ll also get a few silly conversation starters if you ever happen to be at a party full of science-loving nerds. These quotes could also show off your superior science expertise as well. Even if no one else gets it, they could make you a hit. Or, interested in that cute girl who sits across from you in Chemistry? Try out one of the funny science sayings and pick-up lines we provide you below.

30 Funniest Science Jokes, Puns, and Humor Quotes Ever

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Some of the funniest science jokes, puns, and humor quotes ever on our list will only be understood by a special kind of person. So don’t be discouraged if you just don’t get some of them, because they’ll be the funniest to an actual science nerd. (And we’re not hating. If you love science, more power to you. You’re sure to bring great things to the world.) These jokes encompass nearly all science fields as well, from biology to chemistry to space to physics.

But if you’re not completely into science, don’t worry, some of these can be figured out by most people with a general knowledge of science. Although beware, these are a little corny, some to the extent that you’ll have to roll your eyes. But it’s hard to do a science joke without being at least a little corny. So what did you expect?

Everyone has their own definition of humor, after all. That’s why none of the jokes below are in any particular order. So if you’re too good for a lame joke now and then, and would rather read something a little more serious, don’t fault us. Besides, reputable sources like Reader’s Digest, CP Lab Safety, to name a few (from whom we got these jokes), consider them funny, which means most others will as well.

Additionally, here are some fun links for you. First, an article about the science of humor, which combines both topics on this list and makes for an interesting read (there are no jokes in it, however). Secondly, 19 Best Debate Topics Related to Technology and Science, for the argumentative scientist. And lastly, 25 Best Science Jokes for Kids, in case even these jokes are a little too over your head.

These are funny science quotes for students, funny science quotes for teachers, and some funny science quotes about love are even thrown in.

So without further adieu, here goes. 30 funniest science jokes, puns, and humor quotes ever to brighten up your day.