19 Best Debate Topics Related to Technology and Science

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In our list of 19 best debate topics related to technology and science, we dredged up some interesting issues that most people are sure to have an opinion about.

Depending on their interests, people are usually most passionate about the topics they enjoy. For many, that means science, technology or both. So we divided all 19 topics into these two categories, with science topics listed first. If you aren’t that interested and you haven’t formed an opinion about some technology and science topics, you can always check our list of 17 best debate topics for English language students, maybe you will find something you can argue about there.

Debates covering science issues are often very intriguing. Especially science issues that affect or will affect us, such as climate change, health, and history.

19 Best Debate Topics Related to Technology and Science


Debates featuring technology issues never fail to be interesting. With all kinds of modern inventions and ideas being formed, technology is practically permeating our entire world. It’s best to know as much as you can about it.

Some of these questions are baffling, with even the most learned experts unable to agree on one answer. Some are age old while others have recently surfaced. Others are simply a matter of opinion (Ford vs. Chevy anyone?)

But we all know that with certain people in our lives, there can be hot button issues. Issues that, if even remotely referred to, you’re bound to hear a rampage about why one is better than the other. A rampage that goes on for awhile. But sometimes those rampages are interesting if a bit heated. So if you’d like to start Uncle Jo going next time you’re at a family gathering, simply refer to this article. And don’t forget to start the video camera.

We derived our topics for the best debate topics related to technology and science list from the infamous Debate as well as The New York Times Room for Debate page and Stuff You Should Know. We also provided links along with some of the topics so you can find out more information. So even if you don’t have an opinion yet, you can form one. Before you know it, you’ll be the debater everyone wishes they were, and Uncle Jo will be coming to you for convincing debate strategies.

You might find yourself fascinated with the issues. So fascinated that you won’t be able to resist asking everyone else their opinion, and of course arguing your point. And if no one listens, feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

So without further ado, here are the 19 best debate topics related to technology and science. Happy arguing!

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