8 Easiest Gangs to Join and Get Out Of

Do you think there are the easiest gangs to join and get out of?

It is widely known that gangs are pretty dangerous and that you shouldn’t ‘play’ with them. However, some people, especially in young age, tend to be a part of them or they are just drawn into it, because of their family members or friends. Gangs are a form of gatherings with the internal hierarchical organization and leader on the top, who claim the right on one territory, usually neighborhood or a city. The gangs are often engaged in violent activities. There are many types of gangs, such as prison gangs, motorcycle gangs, ethnic-based gangs, to name few. Today in the USA and Puerto Rico there is estimated to be around 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with around 1.4 million members, according to the FBI.

8 Easiest Gangs to Join and Get Out Of


So, how one can get in and get out of a gang? Gang membership is generally maintained by gangs as a lifetime commitment and signed by tattoo identification. Many gangs, including foreign and transnational gangs, hold that the only way to leave the gang is through death. This is sometimes informally called the “morgue rule.” However, according to research from the National Gang Center, there are few “pulls” that make gang members try as hard to get out. Those are families, job responsibilities, the significant other, and if they move from the area or gang falls apart. On the other hand, pushes to get in a gang are: grew out of the gang, criminal justice system, police harassment or pressure, personal or vicarious victimization, to name a few.

One of the most dangerous gangs is definitely Bloods. How to become a member of the Bloods, you may wonder? If you want to get into Bloods, there are several opinions like “getting tagged for a felony” or “getting tagged by the cops slinging the dope that you stole” among many others initiation processes. On the other hand, I would definitely be more happy to be the part of it, than to get jumped in Bloods. For those of you who are not familiar with the term “getting jumped,” it means get attacked by the gang. Another gang that is also among the most dangerous ones is Crips. They are African-American gang in Los Angeles. There is even a YouTube video of how to join the Crips online! But, if you are wondering can you leave the Crips, apparently you could quit the gang “just by moving a few hoods over.” In any case, be careful. Moreover, gang members have different ways of communicating such as signals or even a special language. For example, Cape Town gangster language is known as “the language of the Numbers Gang,” which is a mix of Afrikaans, English, Xhosa and Zulu languages. The Numbers Gang is a prison gang in South Africa, and since South Africa has more than eleven official languages, the mentioned gang’s language is a necessity for prisoners in order to understand each other. Shootings, stabbings and drug clashes are happening almost every day in this country as a result of Cape Town gangsters fights.

While it is a lot easier to find out information about the most dangerous and biggest gangs in America, our task was quite hard, especially as we share the opinion that there is no easy way out, even if we investigated the topic thoroughly. So, we put Google through its paces, and as it is a very sensitive topic, there are no reputable reports about it or any accessible parameters which we can define what makes it easy to get in or out of a gang. Therefore, we searched for the stories of ex-gang members who managed to get out. According to their stories, we made the list of gangs that are (in that sense), easy to get in and after some time, out. Have in mind that each story is highly personal, which further means that we cannot generalize the level of difficulty of entering and exiting a gang, which is why there is no particular ranking order. However, these stories can be motivational and highly useful for people who are thinking there is no way out. So it is dedicated precisely to them. Let’s begin with our list of easiest gangs to join and get out of.