25 Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S. by Population Growth

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In this article we take a look at the 25 fastest growing cities in the us by population growth. Click to skip ahead and jump to the 10 fastest growing cities in the us by population growth. 

The United States is among the most populous countries in the world, and has a population of nearly 330 million people, with only India and China having a higher population in the entire world.

The US has become a superpower thanks to its citizens. When you have a vast population, a free market system and sufficient resources for this population, breakthroughs can be made at a high frequency, which has allowed the US to develop all kinds of technology and become rich enough to be not just the most strongest country in the world, but the most powerful as well. Look across the globe and you will feel the influence of the US in one way or another, whether good or bad. It may be derided internationally because many of its citizens still have views the developed world consider to be backwards thinking, such as views on abortion being illegal, gay marriages (even though they are now legal as can be seen in the 11 states with the highest gay populations), love for guns, nationalism and patriotism just to name a few, but the truth is, no other country has the power to challenge the US.

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On the other hand, it seems quite funny and hypocritical the anti immigration sentiment permeating through the nation when the country itself has been established by immigrants and we all know how Native Americans have been treated. In fact, it is immigrants who have been the backbone of the country at the start of its development, and even now, are a major part of why America has been a success story.

In fact, it is because of immigration that America itself is such a melting pot of different cultures and societies mingling to become one. Or at least try, though white nationalists definitely do not make it easy for other cultures and races to mix. Of course they’re not the only ones to blame. Sometimes, people move to the US and want the country to change itself and accept their culture rather than trying to assimilate themselves, which has also fostered disagreements and resentments. In 1990, out of 224 million Americans, only 13 million identified themselves as purely Americans, while others would add nationality such as German, Italian or Irish, or their race such as Hispanic or African American), a statistic which shows just how diverse the country truly is. If you want to learn more about where the white population is concentrated, head on over to the 15 countries with the largest white population outside of Europe.

While the population has steadily grown over the last few decades, as evidenced by the fact that there were 224 million Americans in 1990 and nearly 330 million Americans now, the rate of population growth on a national level has actually declined to an extent. In 2019, it was the slowest in the entire last century because of a myriad of reasons, such as a decline in fertility rates and increasing number of deaths as well. Deaths are meanwhile also increasing year on year which is why 2019 was the first year in decades that births only outnumbered deaths by less than 1 million. This is also due to the fact that many people are now marrying at a later age, and focusing on careers and themselves rather than the traditional culture of marrying early and raising a large family, which has seen birth rates decline. In four states including Vermont, deaths actually outnumbered births.

I have further good news for the anti immigrant brigade. The numbers of immigrants have decreased steadily since 2016, which was the peak year, and had over a million immigrants in just that year. In 2019, the estimate is nearly half that at over 500,000 which is a massive decrease. This may be because of the aforementioned anti immigrant brigade, let by Donald Trump of course, who has tried many times to stop immigrants from entering the country, and expulsing by force, illegal immigrants even if they contribute to the economy and the society and have assimilated as well. While federal judges have often foiled Trump’s intentions, there is little doubt that this negative sentiment has seen fewer people want to move to the country.

To determine the fasting growing cities in the US by population growth, we headed on over to the US Census, and at a city and town level, obtained the population data for each city for both 2018 and 2019. Using this, we were able to calculate both the absolute increase in the population and percentage increase for each city. We attributed 60% weightage to the percentage increase in population as this is more reflective of the city’s growth as opposed to absolute numbers. We have also only considered cities with a population of over 200,000. So let’s take a look at the cities trying to ensure the US population growth goes back to yesteryears, starting with number 25:

25. Sacramento city, California

Population increase in absolute terms: 5,887

Population increase in percentage terms: 1.16%

The capital of California has over 500,000 people and is one of the most diverse cities in the US as well. After all, only 45% of the population is white, with Hispanics and African Americans making up a significant percentage of the total as well.

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