25 Best Tinder Profile Taglines, Captions and Bio Lines

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Never mind if it’s being witty, sexy or fun what you’re aiming for, if you wanna have the best Tinder bio ever, you can take your pick from our 25 best tinder profile taglines, captions and bio lines!

Can you believe people are still talking and wondering about Tinder? What they don’t realize is that this new way of chatting up and meeting people evolved a long time ago. Everybody’s there. Hardly anyone plucks the courage to ask a girl/guy out in real life without checking if he/she has a Tinder profile. Artificial world of online dating has become our reality long ago. But let’s cut the serious talk, and talk about best tinder descriptions!

Best Tinder Profile Taglines, Captions and Bio Lines

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First of all, we didn’t just randomly pick out lines based on yours truly’s preferences. Every super serious article is done with a lot of research, and so is this one. We read two articles from Tinder Seduction to learn some psychological tricks and tips. In a nutshell, the pick-up lines that work are based on several elements. You should be open and state freely what you like/dislike. There’s no appeal in beating around the bush. Secondly, try to flirt in an obvious way – this is no time to be shy. You can do it later. For the first contact, it’s crucial to be relaxed and open. Finally, use words such as “we” and “our” a lot to start creating an illusion you’re already a couple. Subconsciously, the person you’re wooing will start imagining you together sooner or later. Also, everybody loves a challenge, so you shouldn’t be afraid to suggest one you would both find enjoyable. If all this works for texting on Tinder, we see no reason why you shouldn’t cut to the chase and apply these principles to your opening line.

Using these criteria, we selected the best Tinder taglines for guys and girls from Profiled, Runt, Smosh, and Tinder Seduction. Our list is random. It was inevitable due to the reason that our readers are different characters and they have their own goals. Some like to appear witty and cute, others like being fun and flirty. Some girls will be completely open about their desires and skills between the sheets, while others just want to show off their funny side. Some guys like to show the sense of humor and be seductive, while others will just go for the first option. All in all, it’s up to you who you wish to be on Tinder because you can feel free to express yourself in any way you prefer.

By the way, we’re experts on the topic since we’ve already written about witty female Tinder bios in 15 Funny Tinder Bios for Girls.  Or perhaps you could check out 12 Best Tinder Openers to Use on Guys. One can never have too much advice (as long as you don’t forget to get into action!). Also, 10 Most Successful Tinder Bio Examples for Guys has some great tinder bio lines for guys that will definitely spark interest with the opposite sex.

What else is there to say except “Love me tinder, love me sweet…”. Check out our 25 best tinder profile taglines, captions and bio lines, and get ready to love someone tinder soon enough!

25. “I’ll treat you the way Kanye treats Kanye.”

Who could resist this one? You just have to at least give it a smirk.

Best Tinder Profile Taglines, Captions and Bio Lines

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