25 Best States For Chemists

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It’s time to see if you have any chemistry with the best states for chemists! Chemistry is definitely the most romantic of all the sciences. Forget physics, chemistry mixes things up and can lead to explosive results.  Remember every good science textbook, and every good relationship, needs chemistry.

If you are studying chemistry, or planning to study it as a career then you probably know this. Your love affair with this science stated likely years ago–maybe after your first big reaction… in the lab. I admire your knowledge of science, chemicals, periodic tables, and how not to burn yourself with a Bunsen burner.

My chemistry teacher was a great guy. However, I ended up having a family friend tutor me, because I just didn’t have the natural drive to learn it well on my own. The extra work actually made me like chemistry more, not less–which no one could have predicted. I still miss also those acids and bases–and don’t even get me started on thermodynamics. Seriously don’t, I remember very little so it would likely be wrong and boring.

25 Best States For Chemists


Unlike me, you have an aptitude for chemistry so much so that you’d like to do it every day. Now the only question lies–WHERE?

Do you think any of these states also made it to the 25 Best States for Chemical Engineers? There is only one way to find out. Or several ways, but you should just read the article.

In looking for the best states for chemists, we used three major criteria. The first is the annual median wages since the job can be challenging and hard to bag because of the educational requirements. We also considered each state’s cost of living rates and employment rates. The truth is no matter how much you earn, if your wages just go to your daily living expenses, you are missing the point of having a job with a great paycheck. Employment rates are just as important as the first two points, since the possibility of having the job in a state could affect your timeline in looking for the job and actually having one.

Each state was then ranked according to the annual median pay, cost of living rates, and employment rates. Rankings were averaged, and the results are reflected well in the article.

For your reference, the information about employment rates and wages were derived from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The data about the cost of living index were sourced from the Missouri Economic and Research Information Center.

Read more to know which states made it to the list.

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