21 Signs Your Online Boyfriend/Girlfriend is Cheating on You

If you are suspecting your online lover is cheating on you, then take a look at our list of signs your online boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you.

Relationships, much like anything else in life, are difficult and risky. Most of us are experienced enough to recognize any suspicious behavior in our relationships. We see through those shady excuses and nervous gestures that are typical within cheaters be they male or female. There are some very common types of behavior that help us detect lies when we hear them, and we wrote about this very problem in our article on ways to tell if someone is lying about cheating. Usually, it is enough to observe the body language of the person to know that something is not right. Not all cheaters are good liars, and this enables us to recognize a lie when we come across one.

21 Signs Your Online Boyfriend/Girlfriend is Cheating on You


However, with electronic communication, things are not so simple. We do not see the person and cannot observe their body language to detect suspicious behavior. So how to tell if your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating when you are talking on the phone or texting each other? Believe it or not, there are some common mistakes that cheaters make even if we can’t see them so you can rest assured that spotting a lie is not rocket science. Just take a look at the list of 10 easiest ways to tell if someone is lying on the phone or text and put an end to all the lies.

As most people dread cheating while in a long distance relationship, many would like to be able to foresee the signs your partner is going to cheat on you. With online relationships, this is extremely hard to do. While we cannot do wonders, we can certainly make it at least slightly easier to tell if our partner does not intend to be faithful to us. With online dating, there is a much greater risk involved as we are not physically close to the person and we can’t know whether what they are saying is true or not. As we don’t see our boyfriend or girlfriend often (or never), it may seem quite impossible to spot a lie and know that we are being cheated. While there are some clear signs your online boyfriend is cheating, we can rarely be sure that this is 100% true.

So, how to tell if your boyfriend loves you in a long distance relationship? How can we be sure and how to spot suspicious behavior in your online relationship? You can certainly take a long distance relationship cheating quiz, but that may not provide the help you need. With this list, we attempted to help you and to determine long distance relationship cheating signs so that you can help your friend next time he tells you, “I think my long distance girlfriend is cheating on me.” In case you are wondering how to make your boyfriend miss you in a long distance relationship, Quora has some great answers. We read various articles on this topic in order to gather a list of sings your online boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating. Finally, we relied on sources like Modern Love and Social Catfish when searching for the signs.

So, check out our list of 21 signs your online boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you.