10 Easiest Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying on The Phone or Text

If you want to become better at spotting a lie when you hear it or read it, then check out our list of 10 easiest ways to tell if someone is lying on the phone or text.

Do you feel kind of stupid and sad when you find out someone has lied to you and you believed them? You aren’t the only one who feels that way. Quite the opposite, the fact is that we have all been victims of lies, whether on the phone or via text, and we have probably believed many things we shouldn’t have, even though the lies didn’t sound all that convincing. Why? The reason is not that we are simply naive and can’t recognize a lie. It may sound bad, but sometimes we believe a lie because we want to. We may care deeply for someone and we don’t want to lose them so we neglect the fact that they might be deceiving us and we go along with the lie. However, those are special situations and they mostly refer to couples. It is not unusual to become blind upon falling in love, but the good news is that blindness is not permanent. Putting all jokes aside, in one of our previous articles we wrote about 10 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying About Cheating, and we discussed ways of recognizing a lie when you suspect your partner has been cheating on you. But not all lies are related to relationships. Sometimes, people lie because they want to get out of doing something or they are sad and fear to share the truth with us. Sometimes, a person is not lying for malicious reasons at all. Reasons may vary but lies are all around us.

10 Easiest Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying on The Phone or Text

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Whether we spot a lie or not depends greatly on the circumstances. For example, it is easier to recognize a lie when we speak to someone face to face. The majority of people believes a lie because it’s hard to suspect something is not true when we can’t see the person and look them in the eye as they say it because we are texting or talking on the phone.

That’s why it is relevant to learn the basics about the art of deception. In person, we rely on body language to give us clues about whether a person is lying or not. We pay attention to their eyes and look for eye contact because when a person is avoiding eye contact it is a clear sign that they are hiding something. We observe their hand gestures to determine whether the person is hiding something or not. There are countless ways of knowing when the person is lying thanks to body language. But it is not all that simple when it comes to talking on the phone or texting. We don’t have much choice but to believe the speaker because we can’t see their facial expression or gestures. We can’t look them in the eye or notice when they are looking away. We have limited means and detecting a lie can be quite a challenge sometimes. Luckily, there are some pretty easy techniques that can be applied when trying to find out the truth. Psychology Today wrote about detecting lies when you are on the phone as well as People of Our Everyday Life, but we also incorporated clues from our own experiences in order to provide useful guidelines for detecting lies. Take a look at our list of 10 easiest ways to tell if someone is lying on the phone or text.