10 Colleges With The Highest STD Rates in America

For come, college is about studying and working hard, but for others it’s about partying and living on the wild side and for the latter, it may be best to check out our list of 10 colleges with the highest STD rates in America.

Luckily, my university did not make it on this list of colleges with high STD rates, but that doesn’t mean the STDs don’t exist. As you can guess they’re everywhere, especially on college campuses, which is why it is important to always be safe. Hey, I would rather be safe than sorry. This day in age, college hookups are becoming part of the norm. Young adults are finally out on their own, enjoying their freedom and everything else that comes with the college experience, so it’s inevitable that at they will explore their sexuality during these years.


10 Colleges With The Highest STD Rates in America

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The Centers for Disease Control has recently noticed an increase in the number of college students experiencing sexually transmitted diseases in the the past couple of years in the United States. The three most common STDs with this increase were chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Their study also estimates that nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted infections happen each year in the U.S. Among half of those, 20 million they say, affects young people ages 15-24. As you can see, a good chunk of that age group includes college students.

If you want to see what cities have the highest STD rate, check our list of 25 cities with the highest STD rates in America.

In order to create our list, we used The State of Education as our source to find out what are some of the colleges with the highest STD rates in America. After we found out the least sexually healthy colleges, we sorted our list by the number of people with Sexually Transmitted Diseases at those institutions. The number of people who have STDs is per 100,000 while the number of a sexual assault is per 10,000. Obviously this list is meant to be informative, and you should not base your decision as to which university to attend off this list. It’s important to note that STDs are at every university and a high rate of STDs does not reflect upon a university’s academic strengths. 

So, be safe and informed by reading our list of 10 colleges with the highest STD rates in America. You will not regret it doing your research.