11 Fun Debate Topics for Kindergarten

You’ll need 11 fun debate topics for kindergarten if you’re a kindergarten teacher, or a parent with restless children.

Trust us, these are great. They’re not exactly fit for a high school debate competition, but they are good preparation for aspiring lawyers, politicians, or simply opinionated adults. These students have to start somewhere, and debating these menial topics is just the place.

They spend the majority of their time arguing anyways, right? Why not give their fights a little more dignity and structure? Hopefully, none of these issues will turn into a wrestling match between children, but it’s worth the risk.

Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock.com

Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock.com

Kindergarten is a great time in life. It’s a time when your biggest concern is frequently whether you want chocolate or vanilla ice cream. There are no money problems and no work problems. There’s no relationship trouble. Most of the girls aren’t obsessing over their appearance, and most of the boys aren’t smoking, drinking or gambling. All that really matters is… your favorite Disney princess or superhero.

Most kindergarten students probably don’t think much about anything too deep, much less about what the future holds for them. They’re in the moment, and that’s all that matters. Maybe someday they’ll look back wistfully into their childhood, but right now they’re just busy having a blast.

So let them relish this carefree time in their lives by holding off on the debate topics about the best politician or the latest laws. Save those for later, and let them settle the really meaningful questions in life, the ones that have to do with superheroes and favorite ice cream flavors. After all, what more is there to life? (At least in Kindergarten… if only we adults could have such simple worries in life.)

They’ll have the complicated stuff to worry about when they’re adults, whether they like it or not. Blissful childhood is to be enjoyed. (They can also enjoy those early years by debating the topics in our list of 15 persuasive debate topics for elementary school students.)

We got these ideas from Debate Motions and the Lifestyle Lounge, and they’re for boys and girls of any age within a few years of kindergarten. If you’re an adult who isn’t around kids much, you might get a little lost when you read some of the topics. But parents or teachers of children this age are sure to understand every reference.

So let’s get started- here are 11 fun debate topics for kindergarten.

11. Piñata or dunk tank?

Both would probably be satisfactory to any kindergarten student, but it’s still a worthy argument, especially when it comes to epic children’s birthday parties.

11 Fun Debate Topics for Kindergarten