17 Most Beautiful States in the US

In 17 most beautiful states in the US, you’ll probably be rooting for your home state. But it turns out the winning state, our most beautiful state to visit, won by a long shot. Nonetheless, this list features some of the most beautiful states on the east coast, west coast and in between.

Every state has its own attractions to be proud of, whether they’re well-known attractions or not. But these attractions are often the only thing our states are defined by. Admit it- when you think of Florida, you think of Disneyworld and the beach. When you think of Missouri, you think of St. Louis. And when you think of Washington State, you think of Seattle. Meanwhile the rest of the state, no matter how big or interesting, is completely forgotten about. It’s almost comical to be known by stereotypes and generalizations. Foreigners may think that all Pennsylvanians pass by Amish horse carriages daily on their way to work, yet the Amish mostly reside in only one corner of the state.Some outsiders might also assume that all Californians make their own wine from the grapes grown in their backyards, but that’s only true for a few in and around wine country. Don’t forget to stay away from hurricane-ridden Florida, right? But hurricanes are only a small fraction of life there. Let’s try to be a little more open-minded when it comes to the states that make up our great country, ready to learn about everything they have to offer us. Not just the main attractions.

17 Most Beautiful States in the US


To form our list of top 17 most beautiful states, we used a reputable site called US Travel News. This site ranks vacation spots based on votes from their users. (If you’d like to know more about their methodology, click here.) Because if you’re reading this list, you’re most likely looking for a good place to go on a trip. We rooted through over 10 of their lists, and some of them are Best USA Vacations, Best Affordable Honeymoons in the US, Best Beaches in the USA, Best Foodie Destinations in the USA, Best US Historic Destinations, etc. Every time a state or an attraction in that state appeared on a list, we gave it 1 point. By the end, we had our state’s ranked. We realize that we didn’t only rank states based on their beauty as the title indicates, but a destination that’s beautiful can mean many things. It can mean it’s luxurious, historic, romantic, family friendly, relaxing and more. Some readers seeking beautiful states might be looking for a most mountainous states list, and others might be seeking city life or beach towns. So we believed this was the best way to cater to everyone’s definition of a beautiful state.

And if you’re interested in viewing more top vacation spots, check out our lists of most beautiful states in the US, and most beautiful states to drive through in America. Fall is the perfect time to take a trip before you hole in for the winter, and it might be helpful to do some research.

So while this isn’t a list of the 50 states best to worst, here are our 17 most beautiful states in the US, including a short list of runners up at the bottom. Hope you enjoy!