12 Most Beautiful States to Drive Through in America

One of the most underrated trips in America is the road trip. The country is so diverse in nature that the longer the trip, the more incredible the vacation gets. If you are an adventure seeker and adore traveling, our list of the most beautiful states to drive through in America will help you mark your starting point. Happy driving!

You have your tank filled up, best company seated in the back, tunes volume up and it’s time to hit the open road. You are searching for the most scenic drives in America to conquer and can’t really decide which states to visit. That is where we come in!

American roads have a lot of natural beauty to offer to its bold travelers. Stunning landscapes and a variety of flora and fauna, high mountains, wild and thick forests, marvelous canyons and long and mysterious coastlines are ready to be seen if you dare to explore these most beautiful states to drive through in America. As an excellent guide through all the scenic roads across the USA, we recommend The Most Scenic Drives in America book, revised and updated by Editors of Reader’s Digest. For a long time, one among the top 10 scenic drives in the USA was Patchwork Parkway, which again is reconfirmed through the following text.

12 Most Beautiful States to Drive Through in America

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According to the data from the FHA (Federal Highway Administration), there are 4.1 million mile roads currently in the US. The pavement system has been expanded throughout the whole country and if you are attracted by the hardwood forests to explore, it is almost impossible to stumble upon some road difficulties.

It is a high priority for the prosperous economy to have better roads and highways so, according to the research conducted by Reader’s Digest for economy purposes in their rankings, it can be useful to know that the top 3 best roads in America by state are in Kansas, Wisconsin and Montana. Interestingly, none of these states is found among these most beautiful states to drive through in America on our list.

Touring from the shorelines of Hawaii to the northern and rural Alaska and all the others in between, we will try to contribute to your quest and answer your might-be-wondering questions such as: ’Are there any scenic driving routes near me?’, or ‘Which driving route is the closest to me?’, so you can finally begin your journey.

As for the resources and ranking, we have visited many forums, have analyzed many opinions and discussion and have seen many extraordinary and breathtaking pictures. The ones that really helped to form the following suggestions of the panoramic drives to take are National Geographic, giving us an insight into the most famous America’s byways, and America’s Scenic Byways which provided us with the map collection of diverse roads of both All-American and National Scenic Byways as well as the map with mileage and travel duration information. The number of scenic roads in each state has been calculated and the list was formed according to it. Keep in mind that these are not only the states that have the most beautiful byways but some of them are also considered as the Most Beautiful States in the US.

These 12 most beautiful states to drive through in America beg you to be explored so don’t waste any time. Turn the camera on and let’s hit the road!