17 Examples of First Messages to a Girl on Facebook

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Sometimes it all comes down to that first message you’re going to send, so you’d better read our guide on how to put together a decent, responsive first message to a girl on Facebook and go through these 17 examples of first messages to a girl on Facebook for practical study.

True, people have massively started using Instagram along with Tinder and similar dating applications. However, Facebook is still very much in use. Just take a look at its owner. He’s still getting richer every day and even made it to our list of top 10 entrepreneurs in the world in 2018. Why is Facebook so convenient when it comes to dating? An indecisive girl could give you the best answer. Facebook has become the perfect mediator in negotiations. Sometimes a girl isn’t quite 100% sure if she’d like you to have her number or not, but giving you a Facebook account is somewhere in between when it comes to privacy. She didn’t turn you down, so there’s a window open for you. Now’s your time to shine and send her a cool, original message.

Examples of First Messages to a Girl on Facebook


That is one of the scenarios for this article. In the other, you are feeling bored, and you roam through your friend’s friends, and there she is. You definitely wish to contact her, and perhaps even send a message to stand out from the crowd. But such girl receives tons of messages for sure. Luckily for you, we have the recipe for success.

Therefore, there are two situations here. You have either met the girl in person, or you haven’t. We’ve prepared excellent messages for both cases. What exactly should you pay attention to when sending this first message? Our sources provided us with tons of tips and lots of examples. We analyzed the information given by Global Seducer, 123Greetings Quotes, Men’s Health, The Urban Dater, and Tourist Biker. Admittedly, some of them offered examples of funny online dating messages which weren’t necessarily Facebook related. However, we found them acceptable in situations when you have already flirted with the girl in person. Surely she isn’t going to expect your first Facebook message to be about your next classes or something if you’ve spent the night chatting her up.

To fill up our online dating first message generator, we have chosen the messages that correspond to certain criteria. Generally speaking, you should be open and self-confident. Always do your homework before sending her the message. Try to find out what she likes, and work on that. Having similar interests is something you should find. As for the physical appearance comments, our sources were divided on this one. We go along with the opinion you should make a comment on their physical looks, as long as it is original. After all, girls like to be flattered and expect some kind of compliment from a guy who is wooing them. Naturally, they are aware of the fact they’ve attracted you physically, so why would you deny it?

Being witty definitely helps, and you can read some funny first message online dating examples here, but if you really wish to have a laugh, go to our article about funny online dating first message examples that get responses. The same goes for the 10 Best Opening Lines for Online Dating Messages. You’ll find plenty of funny first messages on POF, too.

Now let’s get started with our 17 examples of first messages to a girl on Facebook! The very first one you’ll be reading is meant for girls who still haven’t met you in real life (and found out how awesome you are). One more thing: always proof-read your messages before hitting “send”! Girls love literate guys. That being said, go ahead, read, analyze, and send!

17. It’s me… the crazy guy who walked up to you on the street (Sorry, but you are so beautiful I couldn’t control myself).

Anyway, I really enjoyed our conversation, and I would love to find out more about your passion for “insert topic you talked about” and your personality.

Why don’t we meet this Saturday for a coffee at that amazing café that isn’t Starbucks?

Let me know if you have time or if we have to meet another day.


Basically, you have a plan here how to approach any random girl and what to do afterward.

Examples of First Messages to a Girl on Facebook

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