Top 10 Entrepreneurs in the World in 2018

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Let’s make a little bet: when you clicked on top 10 entrepreneurs in the world in 2018, you were expecting to read an article about the richest entrepreneurs under 25, weren’t you? Well, there’s only one word for you: surprise!

Not everyone is cut out to become an entrepreneur, let alone a successful one. It really takes to have a lot of courage, an original idea, and just a little bit of eccentricity, wouldn’t you say? Oh, and absolute faith in your master plan. A good entrepreneur is also immune to the comments of the environment, but is yet capable of recognizing good advice when he receives one. A great entrepreneur is always following his instinct and the signs around him. Should you wish to read some realistic fairy tales, i.e., something about the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and their stories, go to the Inc and read about Oprah, Disney, J.Rowling, and many others. Some of them belong to the top 10 entrepreneurs of all time group, and others are on a good way of becoming a legend themselves. If you wish to know about top 10 entrepreneurs in the India, Investopedia can show you a list with Dhirubhai Ambani, Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy, and Dilip Shanghvi. Perhaps even more inspiring stories in a male-dominated world are the stories of female top entrepreneurs in the India: Indra Nooyi, Vandana Luthra, Indu Jain, Chanda Kochar and so on.

Top Entrepreneurs in the World in 2018


Now let’s see how we decided which business people were good enough for our list of top entrepreneurs. As we have already mentioned, it’s not sufficient to simply list young entrepreneurs who have just stepped into the harsh rat race. Who can guarantee they will succeed in 2018 as well? When we began our search, the first assumption was that the biggest chances of success in 2018 belong to those who were top entrepreneurs in the world in 2017. “Top” in this case was understood as “the richest,” and we found a list of the wealthiest billionaire entrepreneurs at Business Insider. We started off with a list of top 10 entrepreneurs in the world 2017 and checked how they managed their businesses in January 2018. As told by CNBC, Warren Buffet is going to retire this year. We crossed him off our list for that reason. Clearly, he can’t be considered to be the best entrepreneur in this year if he’s going to hand over the control to someone else. Sadly, there is one unfortunate criterion for erasing another person from our list – the candidate simply passed away. Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea, died on 27th January leaving a company which was worth $50.7 billion in 2017.

Finally, to check the ratings of the most affluent businessmen for 2018 (there are no female entrepreneurs, unfortunately), we turned to the Bloomberg‘s list of billionaires and daily updates of their riches. The second source was the good old Forbes. In the end, we simply ranked them according to their current net worth.

If by any chance you’re thinking of joining this crowd, take a look at 19 Green Business Ideas for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs, or 11 Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs. Most of them started off small and built an empire of their own.

So, our top 10 entrepreneurs in the world in 2018 may not all be a spring chicken, but they are bound to take over the world once again.

10. Michael (Mike) Bloomberg

Net worth: $53.7

Age: 75

Citizenship: United States

Industry: Financial Services/Media

Company: Bloomberg LP

Mike Bloomberg is an American household name. People were so inspired by the business ventures that they trusted him to be the mayor of New York three times.

Top Entrepreneurs in the World in 2018


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