17 Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow from Seed

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What are the easiest indoor plants to grow from seed? Whether you are a beginner enthusiast in keeping plants, wondering how to grow plants from seeds fast, or you just need some plants that don’t need sunlight for office, you will find your answers here.

There are many plants that are easy to grow indoors. Some of them are also helpful as air cleaners. Some of the popular and the best indoor plants for clean air, also very easy to grow are Chinese evergreen, Weeping fig or Draecena. But those mentioned are not as easy to grow from the seed. There are many plants which seeds you can find easily, but they are not as easy to grow. Those are for example some fruits, but, as you will see further down on our list, there are some easy fruits to grow indoors as well.

Anyhow, perhaps the first mistake people make is not knowing what plant they actually have. The first thing you should do is find a way to identify house plants. For that you can look for some books and other resources with indoor plants names and pictures. Also, when you plant your seeds, make sure to label the pots to avoid mistakes.

The secret of having healthy nice plants is to know what conditions they require. First starting from the seed. Make sure to purchase healthy seeds from a reliable vendor. Other possibilities are finding seeds on your own, like famous growing avocados from seeds hacks (which don’t give satisfying results in most cases). But anyway, when you have purchased/gathered the seed, be sure to get some knowledge about germination time and process, the amount of heat and water seedlings require and best soil for the future plant.

When you have successfully grown your sprouts, it is time for the next steps. Make sure your sprouts have enough space in nice pots with good drainage system (make sure pots have holes). Be careful when choosing the right soil type, for example, the best soil for succulents in pots is the one that has good drainage properties (but you probably will not consider succulents the easiest plants to grow from seed). When choosing soil, get informed on acidity your plants need. Then be careful on the amount of water and humidity they require.

Then be careful about the spot where you want to place your plant because the amount of light needed is another important issue when keeping plants. Plants need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis which is vital for their growth and survival. But there are many indoor plants that don’t need sunlight, well, at least not direct sunlight. Some of those indoor plants requiring low light are Dracaenas (already mentioned as one of the popular and best indoor trees), Dieffenbachias or Ferns. Ferns, for example, are one of those outdoor plants that don’t need sunlight, since they grow in shady forests, and are pretty easy to grow indoors. But if you don’t have sufficient sunlight, you can provide your plants with artificial light, because there are plants that can grow in fluorescent light, which is very popular for indoor gardening. There is a choice of cool-white or warm-white fluorescent light, and it is a great option since fluorescent tubes are cheap and energy saving. But some of those indoor trees requiring low light such as tree philodendron, dracaena or bamboo palm cannot be grown from seeds.

Now, out of curiosity, one might ask whether there are plants that grow in complete darkness. As we have already said, plants require sunlight for photosynthesis, but, there were some scientific researches that have developed synthetic photoreceptors that enabled plants to grow in complete darkness. And just for fun, you can try your own Can plants grow without sunlight science project (or perhaps try out some other Biology Science Fair Projects for High School Students).

Ok, since we have mastered that plants that grow in dark actually need some light, let’s get back to our main focus here, the easiest indoor plants that you can grow from seed. And having met the requirements for growing and taking care of the plant, you may still decide to start with an already grown plant, and for that we may recommend you to take a look at 10 Easiest Flowers to Grow Indoors. There are plenty of small indoor plants easy to grow, some of which you can find in 7 Easiest Dwarf Fruit Trees to Grow in Containers or Mini Garden

The resources we have gone through in order to prepare our list were The Spruce, Thompson&Morgan, Better Homes & Gardens Get Busy Gardening, and Minq. We have also seen some of the experiences people had with growing plants from seeds on houzz.

You you will find some of the easiest vegetables to grow indoors on our list as well, but you might get better ideas for those in 11 Easiest Garden Vegetables to Grow. There are many interesting ideas on how to grow vegetables indoors in your apartment from scraps for example. In that case you can consider growing vegetables indoors hydroponically, as they generally need plenty of water to grow. That is an excellent choice for growing vegetables indoors, but you will have to reconsider some requirements on how to grow vegetables indoors without soil first. So, first choose some of the easy veggies you can grow hydroponically. Those can be lettuce or spinach, which you can grow directly from water, or tomatoes, for example, where you would have to get bigger containers and support roots with gravel or some other material. Considering this hobby more seriously, you will also need to get informed on the issue of growing vegetables indoors with lights. Right light color, duration and intensity are very important for growing healthy veggies. And finally, you can decide growing vegetables indoors year round, at any season, not worrying about plant cycles as long as you give them the right conditions.

But since this is not only a vegetable oriented list of course, we have found many other interesting indoor plants as well, so make sure you get fresh seeds, and good luck with trying out some of the easiest indoor plants to grow from seed:

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