10 Easiest Flowers to Grow Indoors

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Growing plants in your home is difficult, so we gathered a list of the 10 easiest flowers to grow indoors to help alleviate the stress and beautify your space. Like any living organism, plants have the ability to adapt; therefore, with minimum care, you can turn your place into a garden.

It’s best to start with just one plant and see how you fare and then build your collection. Plants do have a lot of health benefits, though. Plants interact with your mind, body, and spirit to make your life better physically and mentally. They purify the air, keep balance, and maintain high humidity in the room. House plants also boost recovery from illnesses. If you have space, you can always have a garden outdoors, but house plants help you reap the most health benefits.

I don’t have much of a green thumb, which means growing any kind of plant in my home is difficult. I never quite know how to water it or how often or what it needs. I wish they could speak to me and tell me what they want instead of slowly dying on my windowsill. This list is extremely useful for me because it’ll help me pick something I don’t have to fret over. Maybe I’ll choose one of them and see how I fare so I can feel the success of keeping flowers alive.

In order to compile this list, we consulted a variety of reputable sources, such as Today, Thompson-Morgan, BHG, Midwest Living, and more. Hopefully this list will help you choose what would work best for your home.

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